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Travel report: Majorca cycle tour

Madlene tells of her island cycle tour in the sun
Group photo at the viewpoint in Cala Pi

As a Eurohike employee, I had the opportunity to go on a Eurobike tour for the first time in autumn. With a large selection, choosing one was not easy, but in the end I decided on the loop tour on the largest of the Balearic Islands, Majorca. At the end of September I took a direct flight from Salzburg, Austria to Palma, where, as hoped, sunshine and summer temperatures welcomed us!

Group photo at the viewpoint in Cala Pi

Cycle paths, route and my personal highlights

After an extensive breakfast and a welcome talk and bike run-down on the first morning, we are off to a good start. To increase the holiday feeling, we opt for the Eurobike e-bikes.

The daily route guidance begins along the beautiful coast, then heads inland and towards the end stage back to the coast. Due to the long summer periods, the countryside is already quite dry in autumn, but every stage is beautiful and has its own charm.

Many olive groves and cacti accompany us as we travel over the island. There are easily accessible cycle paths with daily highlights such as breathtaking views, sights or good food.

A stop in Ses Salines in the largest botanical garden in Europe – the Botanicactus – is definitely recommended. Here you can admire tons or different types of cactus, palm trees and many other plant species on over 50,000 m² of tropical vegetation. From the small to the very large.

Cosy hotel stays in great locations

You receive a warm welcome in all hotels booked by Eurobike. Nice rooms in different styles, some with sea views, great breakfast and excellent evening buffets. There is always something delicious to suit every taste. In addition, all the accommodation is situated in a beautiful location, directly on or a short distance from the sea. The clean and colourful sea, or the hotel’s own pool provide a chance to cool down and relax after a sometimes strenuous cycling stage, so that you can re-build your strength for the next day.


Hotel Java in Palma with ocean view

Eating paella and Port Sollér are further highlights

My personal highlights on the cycle tour include the paella meal in the Tramuntana Mountains in Fornalutx, as well as the following overnight accommodation in Port Sollér. The western stage town near the Tramuntana Mountains exudes a lot of Spanish flair. Many palm trees, an old-fashioned tram running through the centre of the town, the large harbour and the mountains in the background give this port city a very special landscape.


Paella in Fornalutx

Ending in Palma de Majorca

On the last day, the old-fashioned tram takes you back to Palma through orange groves. We get off the train and are greeted by an organised guide and taken through the city of Palma and hear many exciting stories. At lunchtime, we also stroll through one of the largest market halls, where we cannot miss a tapas meal. During the city tour we also get the opportunity to visit one of the oldest cafes and taste real hot chocolate with the Spanish speciality ‘Ensaiimada’.

Cathedral of Palma

The summary of my first cycle tour

The maritime flair, the fantastic food and beautiful scenery made this cycle tour perfect for me. Majorca is the ideal destination for cyclists who want to extend the summer into September/October. There are wonderful warm autumn days waiting for you, which can be perfectly combined with a cycling holiday on the sunny island.

Tip: Here you will find all information and tour tips for your cycling holiday in Majorca!

Tanja Haring

I'm excited to see where my journey will go next time.
See you soon, your Madlene

Tanja Haring
Travel Specialist
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