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A culinary cycle tour through Mallorca

Delicious dishes and armaric fragrances

You have to admit it – Mallorca is awesome! The sunny Spanish island fulfills all the desires one could have for a successful (cycling) holiday – lush vegetation, exotic plants, crystal blue water, idyllic fishing villages, delightful towns, secluded bays and flower-lined cycle paths across the island are perfect reasons to take a cycle tour on the beautiful Balearic Island. Mallorca has long since lost its reputation as a party island – now it offers something for those looking for peace and quiet, active sports enthusiasts, nature lovers as well as foodies, those with a sweet tooth and fans of good cuisine are also happy guests here. Because the cuisine of Mallorca combines the spices and tastes of many different influences and is therefore often counted among the best in Spain. Is your mouth already watering? Then read on and whet your appetite for Mallorcan cuisine and a cycle tour across the sunniest island in Spain.

Tapas – small delicacies to suit every taste

But now we come to one of the most important reasons why you should get on a plane to Mallorca – the stunning Mallorcan cuisine. If you want to eat well in Spain, there is no getting away from tapas, because the little delicacies simply offer something for everyone. Translated, the term tapas means something along the lines of lid or cover. According to legend, the landlords in Spain used to cover their guests’ glasses of wine or beer with a slice of bread when serving and weighed it down with a few olives. They wanted to prevent annoying flies from entering the wine. That was the birth of the famous tapas. But there are other theories about the origin of tapas. For example, it could also have been an ulterior motive that it increases sales if you sell a few salty canapes with wine. Even today, tapas are mainly served in tapas bars and enjoyed standing up. In addition, beer or full-bodied wine is usually drunk.

The most popular mallorcan tapas

Tapa de Tortilla

an omelet made from eggs, potatoes and onions, famous all over the world for good reason!

Patatas bravas

crispy baked potato cubes in a fiery hot tomato sauce – a pleasure!


the scent of these flavorsome meatballs makes your mouth water from far.


soft on the inside and fried crispy on the outside, the delicious croquetas delight almost everyone. Whether filled with meat, poultry, fish, seafood or vegetables, you can’t go wrong with croquetas.

Cold tapas

Serrano ham, chorizo, Manchego cheese, the best olives, pimientos…to name just a few.

Empanadas – the dumplings your stomach will love

Empanadas are a specialty that is not only available in Mallorca, but almost all over the Spanish-speaking world. Every region and country has developed its own recipe. The Spanish empanada is probably the original form, as it was mentioned in historical documents as early as the 12th century. The Mallorcan empanada was originally a specialty that was only baked at Easter. As you can imagine, this is a dish of the heart that was, and still is, prepared with a lot of love by a grandmother for her grandchildren. But of course, you can also buy these hearty yeasted dough pastries in good bakeries. The filling comes in a wide variety – for example with minced meat, fish, poultry, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms and sausage. Handy and incredibly tasty, the Mallorcan empanada is the perfect snack between meals. Whether cold or warm – an empanada always tastes good!

Tumbet - the aromatic summer dish

The dish will delight the vegetarians among you, because it only consists of fresh vegetables and is very popular, especially at the summer harvest time. Potatoes and aubergines form the basis of this casserole dish. There are also peppers, sometimes zucchini, but especially tomatoes and plenty of garlic, which you cook down together to form a thick sauce, then put it into a clay pot together with the rest of the vegetables. The dish is then braised in the oven. The focus here is on the taste of the vegetables. Tumbet is often eaten with bread, or as an accompaniment to meat or fish. The taste is simple, honest and pure. Please try it!

Arroz brutsimply delicious

This dish is arguably the Mallorcan answer to the Spanish paella. However, it differs noticeably from it in a few ways. Translated, Arroz brut means something along the lines of dirty rice. And Arroz brut actually looks dirty next to a bright yellow paella. Another important difference is consistency. The Arroz brut is much more liquid than paella, sometimes almost like a soup. The ingredients vary from family to family. What tastes good is allowed in! In any case, there are always different types of meat, fish and seafood that, along with rice, make up the main dish. There are also vegetables such as green beans, tomatoes, peas and onions. The dish is seasoned with broth, garlic, saffron, salt and pepper. A dish for the stomach and the heart!

Buen viaje y buen provecho!

These dishes are just a tiny selection of the diverse cuisine of Mallorca. Can you already imagine what it would be like to stop off at a small bodega during a break from cycling? Can you already smell the aromatic spices, the hearty dishes and the ripe fruit along the cycle paths? Are you looking forward to a glass of full-bodied red wine? Then you are definitely ready for a holiday! We wish you a wonderful, unforgettable and, above all, safe cycle tour and a healthy appetite!

Your Eurobike Team

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