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A gourmet cycle tour through Piedmont

A bike trip through a foodie heaven
Landscape in the Piedmont

Picturesque Piedmont – fragrant, authentic and wonderfully simple – is one of the absolute insider tips within our wide range of cycle tours. Because unlike famous Tuscany or the popular Veneto, Piedmont has not yet been invaded quite so much by tourism. And this is despite the fact the region has so much to offer: Historic cities, breathtaking landscapes and a cuisine that can hardly be surpassed in its authenticity, simplicity and originality. If we were now in Asterix, the magnifying glass on page 1 would probably stop over the Lange Monferrato Roero region. What do you want to know? Come with us on a journey to Piedmont and find out.

Landscape in the Piedmont

The birthplace of good taste

Rolling hills as far as the eye can see, medieval castles that look out over the vastness of the landscape, the neatly arranged vineyards – welcome to Langhe, Monferrato and Roero – a stunningly beautiful area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The vineyards and gardens of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero are witnesses to historical viticulture and those who visit this venerable area will fall silent and gasp for breath at the sight of the picturesque vineyards. World-famous wines such as a Barolo, a Barbera d’Asti or a Barbaresco come from this soil and are produced and pressed here according to traditional methods.

Drinking such a wine once in a lifetime while gazing over the beautiful landscape should be on everyone’s list of things to experience. Anyone who has already cycled the Piedmont Tour, 8 days will vividly remember the view that is offered after having overcome the snake-like paths towards Barolo. Suddenly, as far as the eye can see, chessboard-like vines lie at your feet, which are a fantastic sight. A real goosebumps moment! After the exertion of the bike ride, you will really deserve that glass of wine!

Alba – the home of white truffles

Did you know that the white truffle is known as the queen of truffles? And guess where the queen’s castle is? It’s of course in Piedmont, more precisely in Alba. This truffle is one of the most expensive foods in the world. One gram of this delicacy costs between €1000 and €2000 per kilo. The price varies a lot and depends on the size of the truffle and whether it was a good or bad truffle year.  What makes them so expensive? So far it hasn’t been possible to cultivate this kind of truffle. It is therefore a very rare product, which makes it expensive. The taste of white truffle is lost quickly during cooking, which is why it is usually sliced very finely and used in a raw state. But other, cheaper types of truffle also give a unique taste and should be enjoyed.

Fresh truffel in the Piedmont region

A heavenly scent in the air

When you cycle to Alba by bike, you will stop in amazement and think: “I know this smell! It smells like…” Yes, the whole city smells of a famous nut-nougat spread. The roasted hazelnuts exude a pleasantly sweet aroma that covers the small, picturesque town like a blanket. The Piedmont nut has an exceptionally good reputation among chefs from all over the world. The warm air that comes from the Mediterranean to Langhe favours the growth and ripening of the tasty hazelnut. So it’s no wonder that the greatest desserts with hazelnut have sprung from Piedmont.

Hazelnuts from the Piedmont region

The best rice doesn’t necessarily come from China…

…because in Italy too, they know how to grow this grain. The rice varieties Carnaroli, Vialone nano and Arborio are ideal for making risotto, a classic of Italian cuisine. All three are grown in Piedmont and prepared with love. You can taste it too! Have you enjoyed risotto in Italy? You should definitely try it!

…did you know that Italy is the largest rice producer in Europe?

Risotto in the Piedmont region

A gourmet region

This describes the area very well. Eating and cooking are still celebrated in Piedmont. It is an art that needs to be learned and an attitude to life that goes hand in hand with a lot of respect for the products. Many don’t know or they think it’s a joke, but in Piedmont there is the University of Good Taste, which teaches the slow food movement. So what can you expect on a cycle tour called Gourmet Piedmont? Authentic accommodation with honest cuisine, wonderful cycle paths through unspoiled landscapes, magical towns such as Asti, Canelli, Alba and Turin and intense smells and tastes that will stay in your memory for a long time! You can experience this on our Eurobike cycle tour Gourmet Piedmont, 8 days.

Enjoyment is also on the menu on the Piedmont Tour Based in one Hotel, 7 days. The historic 18th century Sina Villa Matilde is located in the heart of Piedmont and will serve as a place for rest and relaxation when you return from your bike rides.

Cycling holidays in the Lange Monferrato Roero region

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