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A culinary cycle tour through Liguria

A cycle tour full of scents and flavours

In a land full of flavour, spices and smells, it’s not easy to stand out from the crowd. Italy is not only the land of fine arts, culture and fashion, but also, or above all, the land of culinary art. Each region is in itself a stronghold of fantastic cuisine and has at least one world-famous dish on its menu. And yet Liguria has managed to stand out from all this ingenuity and is considered a Mecca for lovers of good cuisine! So embark on a culinary cycle tour through this incomparable region with Eurobike and discover the regional delicacies of Liguria with us.

So simple, so good and goes with everything

We are, of course, talking about the most famous seasoning sauce in the world, the popular Pesto Genovese. Whether with spaghetti, on pizza, bread, with meat, fish or as a dessert – this tasty basil paste is always good and gives a dish that finishing touch. You have certainly seen a jar with the inscription Pesto alla Genovese on it before. This pesto will certainly taste delicious, but it is not the original. Because it can only be called Pesto Genovese if it really contains all the original ingredients. These are Genoese basil DOP (a protected trademark), Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Pecorino DOP type fiore sardo, salt, garlic and pine nuts. So when you visit Liguria, you must take the opportunity to try real Pesto Genovese.

Foccaccia – the ancestor of pizza

Long before pizza was even discussed, namely in the Middle Ages, the ancient Romans enjoyed this simple delicacy called focaccia. It is a simple flatbread made from yeasted dough that is coated in olive oil, seasoned with salt, garlic and herbs and finally baked until crispy. The foccaccia is also eaten with olives, onions or cheese. However, it is not served as an accompaniment to other dishes but is a very popular snack that can be bought in the best quality on almost every corner of Italy and eaten on the go.

Purple asparagus from Albenga

Have you heard of it? If you take our cycle tour from Turin to Sanremo, you should definitely try this delicious eye-catching food. The famous purple asparagus not only looks remarkable, it also tastes good. This very rare variety of asparagus has been cultivated in Liguria, or rather around Albenga, for around 200 years. Since it needs more sun than its white or green relative, it is usually only picked later and tastes sweeter and a little nuttier due to the increased supply of sunshine. They also know how to prepare it in this country. For example, it is a big mistake to cook purple asparagus as it will lose its purple colour quickly. The secret is to slowly steam it. So it keeps its beautiful colour and does not lose any nutrients. If you weren’t an asparagus fan before, you will be.

Anchovies and lemons from Monterosso al mare

Anchovies are really not for everyone. But those who love them will certainly have heard of these anchovies, the ‘acciughe’ di Monterosso al mare. Anchovy fishing is one of the main sources of income in this small, charming fishing village in the idyllic Cinque Terre region. The pickled anchovies are said to be particularly delicious. Another delicacy of the region are the thick lemons from Monterosso al mare and they are even celebrated in a festival in May. The delicious organic lemons are made into jam, cakes, lemonades and of course the famous, ice-cold limoncello and give the place a heavenly scent and lovely sight. Two more reasons to book our brand-new tour Pisa – Cinque Terre, don’t you think?

Autumn chestnuts and fine porcini mushrooms

Spring and summer are of course the most popular times of the year to visit the beautiful Liguria region by bike. But autumn should also be considered as a time to travel, because this time of year has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to culinary delights. The fruits of autumn have a long tradition in Ligurian cuisine. Aromatic chestnuts from the Ligurian forests are skilfully and ingeniously integrated into the delicious dishes, especially in the countryside. So you can make sinful desserts, hearty spreads, heavenly pasta and delicious biscuits from the puree of the sweet chestnut. Another jewel of Ligurian cuisine is also found in the forest. We are of course talking about porcini mushrooms. Whether in oil, dried as a filling for pasta or as the main character of an irresistible sauce – the porcini mushroom is an indispensable part of the Ligurian menu.

The star of Ligurian cuisine

It couldn’t be any other way, the undisputed favourite dish of the local population is fish, seafood and more fish. No wonder, the region is right by the sea, to be precise, the Ligurian Sea. We are sure that you would like to have a tip on what to try in Liguria. There are so many of them. But the Ligurian fish stew Cacciucco is probably the highlight among fish dishes. Enjoy your meal!

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