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The small, dreamy island in the Atlantic has been a real insider tip among us cyclists! Demanding and therefore beautiful cycle tours, flowers wherever you look, and the spirited Portuguese way of life make Madeira one of our most popular cycling travel destinations. Let yourself be convinced about the wonders of Madeira!

View to sea and mountain

The small island in the middle of the Atlantic

When you think of Madeira, you certainly have the image of flowers of all sizes, colours and shades in your mind and you can surely smell them when you close your eyes. The Madeira flower island captivates us with its incredible beauty. But what also makes it interesting for cyclists is the constant up and down. That and the year-round pleasant temperatures make up the charm of our Madeira tour. It’s not too hot and not too cold! Perfect conditions for an unforgettable cycling holiday, but one which requires a certain level of fitness.

Our most beautiful cycle tours on Madeira

View to flower and sea

Madeira circular tour

Travel almost once around the entire island by bike? Sure, of course! On this cycling loop tour you will discover the most beautiful sites and places in Madeira. Cycle over the lush green hills of Madeira, with your eyes always on the deep blue sea and enjoy the flowers, for which Madeira is known all over the world!

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Madeira circular tour

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Useful information about your cycle tour in Madeira

Village at the sea

Perhaps the most pleasant climate in the world

The nice thing about the weather in Madeira? You can adapt perfectly – because the temperatures do not vary much, whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter. The thermometer usually gets stuck at the 20 ° mark. And how do you know when it is winter and when it is summer, you ask? In winter there is a little more rainfall and a little less sun than in summer. But we can fully recommend Madeira as the perfect cycling destination, even in winter.

Fish platter in some restaurant in São Vicente

What to eat in Madeira?

No matter where you go to eat in Madeira, the chances of a menu starting with a warm ‘bolo do caco’ with garlic butter are pretty high. It is a regional wheat bread. You may also be served grilled snails with garlic and lemon. The main course is usually meat and fish from the grill. Particularly noteworthy is the so-called Espetada, which is pieces of beef that are speared on a laurel branch and then grilled over an open fire. And of course, the Espada dish can’t be forgotten. Black swordfish served with banana – a really great combination that you should definitely try. Another extremely tasty dish is Picado. For this, beef is fried with a lot of garlic and placed on bed of fries. The plate is then simply placed in the middle of the table and everyone tucks in. Enjoy your meal!

Blue lily of the Nile

Festa de Flor – the flower festival in Madeira

On the second weekend after Easter there is a traditional festival in Funchal to welcome the spring. The festival lasts two days. On Saturday, children decorate the town hall with flowers, the so-called Wall of Peach, and let doves fly as a sign of peace. The famous flower parade takes place on a Sunday and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Carriages adorned with a variety of flowers move through the streets. There are also some women and children who celebrate in brightly coloured dresses, partly made of flowers. A wonderful festival and spectacle you must see!

Did you know…

  • …that footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was born on Madeira, and is worshiped almost like a saint here?
  • …that the world’s largest fireworks display is fired on New Year’s Eve?
  • …that the island has a very extensive tunnel network?
  • …that in 1776 the USA’s declaration of independence was toasted with a glass of Madeira? William Shakespeare was also a big fan of Portuguese wine.
  • …that you can go sledding all year round in Madeira? Of course without snow – on a basket sled.
  • …that the Austrian Empress Elisabeth lived temporarily in Madeira because the climate is so good!
Bikes on high plateau

Perfectly organised cycle tours in Madeira

Have you always wanted to hop on your bike and cycle south? Visiting new countries, tasting foreign delicacies and getting to know a different way of life? But there was still a catch…other countries also mean different languages and customs. Should you really dare to do it alone? Naturally! Because you are not really alone! We at Eurobike act as your invisible companion and make your trip an unforgettable experience. We know all about the local conditions and book the optimal hotels for you. In addition, we will send you easy-to-understand travel documents before your arrival, we will deliver your luggage to the next accommodation every day, will loan you well-maintained KTM bikes and are also available to you at any time should something go wrong.

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