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5 reasons why Madeira is worth a cycle tour all year round

365 days of Sunshine, mild temperatures and attractive cycling routes

Lush flora, the delicate scent of flowers, the salty sea air and the gently rolling landscape spring to mind when you talk about the Portuguese flower island of Madeira. Oh, how nice would it be to leave the grey everyday life behind, hop on a plane and spend a few carefree days on the bike in pleasant temperatures on this little piece of paradise!

We have good news for you – because it is possible! In Madeira the sun almost always shines with pleasant temperatures, the hotel beds are freshly made and the rental bikes are well-maintained! Our cycle tours in Madeira are also bookable in winter!

Not sure yet? Then let us convince you that our cycle tour in Madeira is the ideal cycle tour in the cold season!

Mild temperatures all year round

Did you know that Madeira has been named the best island travel destination in the world several times in a row, beating dream islands such as Bali, Mauritius and the Seychelles? There are several reasons for this. One of the most important is certainly the unique climate in Madeira. There seems to only be one season here, namely the eternal spring with pleasant temperatures around 20 degrees, blooming flowers and lush vegetation.

Of course, summer is a little drier and maybe a little warmer than winter, but you can live with 19 degrees in January, don’t you think? For us cyclists, the temperatures couldn’t be better, whether in summer or winter. Here it will seldom get too warm and hardly too cool to cycle.

Reason 1 – the pleasant reading on the thermometer!

Extremely attractive bike paths

Are you one of those cyclists who is always on the lookout for a new challenge? A cycle path with a flat route is nice, but it doesn’t fill you with enthusiasm? We know exactly what you mean and have something for you – because our cycle tour in Madeira combines everything you are looking for: a cycle route on well-paved paths with little traffic, many climbs and descents, accompanied by an incomparable landscape in the most beautiful colours and an unforgettable view of the vast ocean! Hardly any other cycle tour in our programme is as varied, demanding and attractive as the cycle route on Madeira. Hopefully you agree with us.

Reason 2 – unforgettable sights on unique cycle paths

Rental Bike PLUS or e-bike

This all sounds great, but you have doubts about whether you are fit enough? Sure! With the right tools and a good basic level of fitness, almost anything is possible. As luck would have it, some of our best rental bikes are available for you on Madeira. They are kept in good condition and are sparkling clean, waiting for their next job. Our new Rental Bike PLUS is perfectly prepared for the demands of the route. It allows for a sportier seat position and is a bit more sophisticated than our other rental bikes. Our modern electric bikes don’t do all the work for you, but they give you a lot of support during the constant ups and downs in the beautifully hilly landscape of Madeira. So you can concentrate on the beauty of your surroundings! You don’t always need to use your own bike!

Reason 3 – a cycle tour with perfectly maintained rental bikes is twice as much fun!

Rental bike plus

Little tourism and magical moments

Even if Madeira is a popular travel destination all year round, most visitors flock to the flower island in the summer! We would recommend winter as the time to travel to all those looking for peace and quiet and who want to experience the island during its hibernation. You will certainly not be disadvantaged. On the contrary – what could be nicer than having this magical island to yourself?

Reason 4 – Madeira in winter promises and unforgettable holiday in absolute tranquillity!

View down over flowers to Porto da Cruz and the sea

Madeira’s cuisine

It is well known that cycling makes you hungry! How fitting that you can find delicious Mediterranean cuisine on Madeira. The restaurants, like the hotels, are prepared for year-round tourism and, even in winter, you are spoiled for choice as to which restaurant you will visit. In this country you will be spoiled with wonderful fish dishes, hearty soups and stews, fruity salads and sinful desserts! At least try a dish with Madeira sauce once! It will blow your mind!

Reason 5 – here you can feast all year round and satisfy that appetite built up during cycling!

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