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Austria – every cyclist’s dream

It is particularly important for families to choose the right route so that the cycle tour becomes the perfect active holiday for the whole family. River cycle paths are particularly suitable for families, but variety and adventure off the path are also important, such as bathing spots on lakes. It is very practical that Austria offers particularly good conditions for this. With the Danube, one of the largest rivers also flows through Austria. But also its two important tributary rivers, the Drau and Mur, offer ideal conditions for a great family cycle tour. All of these major rivers in Austria have very well-developed and extensively signposted cycle paths. But also on the many gloriously glittering lakes, mostly with drinking water quality, you can cycle excellently. For a cycle tour with children, Austria is ‘naturally’ an excellent travel destination.

Cycling on the Danube for families

Probably the most famous cycle path in Europe is the Danube Cycle Path. It is even called the ‘mother of river cycle paths’ – and rightly so! The Danube runs through Austria, a full 350 kilometres long. It meanders through Upper and Lower Austria and on to the capital of Vienna, past castles and palaces, through Baroque cities and lovely places. Depending on the section, the landscape changes a little and the culinary specialties are very different depending on the region, but always delicious. The great Austrian plateaus lie along the Danube and make the bike routes wonderfully flat and very easy. The nature of the cycle paths is unparalleled. Almost the entire route can be covered on a cycle path. Since there is an outdoor pool in almost every place, and many other adventures awaiting the kids along the route, no family member on the Danube will be bored. With the Danube cycle path from Schärding to Linz and from Linz to Vienna, you will find two wonderful cycle tours in this unique region.

Cycling in the Salzburg region

Waterfalls, gorges, alpine pastures, rivers, lakes, glaciers, moors, mountains, national parks…actually you can’t think of a natural spectacle that’s missing in the Salzburg region. Except maybe the sea. But that can quickly be forgotten with the beautiful bathing lakes in the Salzburg region. There are ten lakes on our cycle tour that families can visit during their holiday. The natural treasures are clearly one of the reasons why active families feel particularly at home in the Salzburg region. Another is certainly the state capital and the birthplace of famous composer Mozart – Salzburg. A visit to the world-famous city of culture should not be missed on our Tauern Tour for families.

Cycling in Carinthia for families

Over 200 bathing lakes – that is the overwhelming number of lakes that can be visited in Carinthia. Most of them are of drinking water quality. That alone is enough for a great cycling holiday with the whole family. But Carinthia has a lot more to offer. Above all, the mild climate, which makes the clear lakes warm in spring and makes the sun a daily companion. You can easily tell that Carinthia is the southernmost state of Austria. The Carinthian’s have a pinch of ‘southern serenity’ and are always friendly and relaxed towards holidaymakers with kids. Of course, there are also well-developed cycle paths along the lakes, which regularly stop at swimming spots. Like on our family cycle tour along the Drau!

Cycling on the Alpe-Adria Cycle Path for families

The Alpe-Adria Cycle Path is also an excellent choice for families looking for a relaxing cycling tour through breathtaking scenery. The route takes you from Mozart's birthplace Salzburg through Austria and Italy to the Adriatic Sea in Grado, where you can reward yourself and your family with a cool dip in the sea. The stages of our Alpe-Adria Cycle Path I and Alpe-Adria Cycle Path II for families are specially adapted to the needs of holidaymakers with children. Particularly challenging sections are bridged by train so that even the little ones are not frustrated and have fun on their cycling holiday.

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