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The most important ‘tool’ on a cycle tour? Of course, it’s the bike! To make cycling really easy for our young guests, to have fun and ensure their safety, we rely on solid quality for our bicycles! And you will notice it every time you push the pedals. Find out what our equipment for children includes, what sizes we offer for rental bikes and why you can safely leave your own bike at home!


Wheels to suit your children’s needs

There is a combination of years of experience and continuous development in our specially manufactured KTM bikes. We always focus on the wishes and requirements of our youngest guests. The result is a solid, smooth-running and travel-friendly bike that we can recommend with a clear conscience. With modern V-breaks, aluminium double wall rims and top tires, it is well equipped for every journey. The heart of the bike is a modern, high-strength aluminium, frame. Equipment suitable for everyday use with lighting, luggage rack, mudguards and a comfortable saddle guarantee carefree cycling fun.

What size child’s bike?


When buying bikes for adults, the frame size is usually specified. With children’s bikes, however, this plays a lesser role. The main thing here is the size of the wheel. And this is measured in inches. For this reason, inches should always be included in the information on children’s bikes. At Eurobike there are children’s bikes with 20, 24 or 26 inches.

But which inch size is right for which body size? There are common average values that provide a good overview for the right children’s bike. You can find a table with average values here. In addition, the child’s stride length or leg length also plays a role. This is why the table is a good guide and fits most children, but you can also deviate from it.

Logically, the weight is only important for the child trailer and child seat, because there are also provisions on how much weight can be pulled by the adult bike (the minimum age of the main rider must be 16 years).

Table of body height and bike size

Age Height Weight Equipment | Size
1,5 - 7 years < 105 cm  < 20 kg Child trailer
1,5 - 8 years < 120 cm  < 22 kg Child seat
3 - 6 years 100 - 120 cm   Follow-Me 20 inches
5 - 8 years 115 - 140 cm   Follow-Me 24 inches
5 - 6 years 115 - 125 cm   Children's bike 20 inches
6 - 10 years 125 - 140 cm   Children's bike 24 inches
8 - 12 years 140 - 150 cm   Children's bike 26 inches
10 - 15 years > 150 cm   Adult unisex bike


Eurobike children's rental bike 24"

The children’s bike with 12, 18 or 24 gears and freewheel


We are happy to provide this in the following sizes:

Sizes: 20, 24 or 26 inches


Note: The number of gears relates to the size of the wheel.

From a height of around 115cm, children with cycling skills can ride a bike.

Eurobike rental bike with children's trailer

Child trailer


You can even take the little ones on your cycle tour – our KTM child trailers can also be used as ‘strollers’ after the stage and offer space for up to 2 children. Suitable from one and a half years and up to a height of 105cm and 20kg (two children up to 15kg each).

Eurobike Follow-Me

Children’s bike + Follow-Me


For children who can already ride their bikes independently, but also want to be pulled along the route by their parents, we offer a Follow-Me, always in combination with a Eurobike 20 inch children’s bike and a rental bike for the parents.

Eurobike rental bike with child seat

Child seat


The child sits relaxed on the parents bike and enjoys the breeze. Small children from the age of one and a half will be very comfortable and safe in our child seats. Children up to a height of 120cm and a body weight of 22kg can use the seat.

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