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A tour of a very special kind

When you hear someone is going on a trip, you listen…if someone is going on a trip with bike and boat you really listen, because that’s something very special! A Eurobike trip by bike and boat combines the advantages of a classic cycle tour with the charm of a floating hotel that sails on a daily basis and promises extraordinary cycling in the picturesque countryside of Holland and Belgium.

Not forgetting accommodation on comfortable hotel ships and the best Eurobike service you are used to. Let yourself go on an adventure you won’t soon forget! But beware! Once you go on a bike and boat tour – you’ll want to stay!

The most popular bike and boat tours in Holland and Belgium

Bike and boat in Holland

There’s hardly any other country that’s more associated with cycling than the Netherlands. Cycling goes with Holland like butter on bread and you can really feel it here! You can look forward to beautifully constructed cycle paths along endless tulip fields, magnificent vast landscape, friendly people who always have a smile on their faces, comfortable ships and delicious cheese!

Holland Tulip Tour

Just in time for the tulip blossom, flower lovers can discover the Netherlands from three ships on the Holland Tulip Tour. The MS Fluvius and the MS Magnifique II take you to Holland’s floral hotspots. Don’t miss a visit to the Keukenhof, probably the most famous flower park in the world.

South Holland

A wonderful cycle tour with big city life and untouched nature along idyllic waterways, windmills, flowers and – of course – delicious cheese aboard the fantastic MS Normandie or the MS Flora! On this tour cyclists experience the green heart of Holland from its most beautiful side.

North Holland

Departing from the capital city of Amsterdam, you sail with the MS Serena between the North Sea, Wadden Sea and IJsselmeer. The combined bike and boat tour takes you to remote areas and picturesque villages in the home of windmills.

Bike and boat in Belgium

Belgium has also proved to be one of the best destinations for our bike and boat tours. Although not the first country you might think of when planning a tour with bike and boat, it has many attractions and highlights to offer. Adorable cities, the wild North Sea and cultural delights to offer guests. Find the most beautiful tours from our Belgian bike and boat offer here.

Amsterdam – Bruges

The tour from Amsterdam to Bruges goes past the 19 windmills of Kinderdijk to Dordrecht and almost unnoticed along the Belgian border in the direction of Antwerp and Ghent to Bruges (or vice versa from Bruges to Amsterdam). Beautiful river landscapes, magical cities, excellent cuisine – what more could a cyclist’s heart desire? With this tour you can choose from five different ships! Magnifique II, Magnifique III, Magnifique IV, or MS Fluvius? They all have their advantages!

Useful information for your Bike & Boat tour in Holland and Belgium

The climate in Holland and Belgium

The northern countries of Holland and Belgium, as probably everyone knows, are not among the warmest countries in Europe. There is a pleasant temperature – maritime weather with warm but not too hot summers and cool but not cold winters. What does that mean for us cyclists? Be prepared for any weather, bring swimming trunks and rain gear with you and take the weather as it comes.

The cuisine in Holland and Belgium

The Dutch cuisine is not famous, but you can definitely eat well! Wonderful cheese, freshest fish, butter, vegetables and meat form the basis of Dutch dishes. Although the Dutch cannot boast the world-famous recipes of the Italians or French, you will always find something delicious on the menu. There are particularly interesting influences from Indonesian and Caribbean cuisine, as these are colonies of Holland. The Belgian cuisine is well known for three things – French fries which were invented there, indulgent chocolate and exquisite beer. What more could you want?

The cheese market in Alkmaar

Did you know…

  • …that there are more bicycles than residents in Holland?
  • …that in Holland there are more than 1500 windmills that are still in operation?
  • …that the average Dutchman eats 17kg of cheese per year?
  • …that Holland is actually only a part of the Netherlands? Holland was the most influential province of the Netherlands and was therefore chosen by many as an umbrella term.

  • …that three official languages are spoken in Belgium? German, French and Dutch?
  • …that the Smurfs are Belgian?
  • …that the great Audrey Hepburn was born in Belgium?

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