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Nature and culture in abundance

A dyke about 32 kilometres long forms the border between the North Sea and the IJsselmeer. Behind it lies a picturesque landscape, which, thanks to flat cycle paths, invites everyone to explore it on two wheels. Typical Dutch windmills and canals stand out between old Dutch villages and towns with Frisian-style half-timbered houses and beautiful harbours. While you can watch water sport-enthusiasts on the lake, nature reserves invite you to explore. In the pristine marshland surrounded by lakes and pastures, nature can unfold freely. The result is a unique abundance of birds; with a bit of luck, you can even see a white-tailed eagle here.

Windmühlen entlang des Radweges

The most popular cycle tours on the IJsselmeer

IJsselmeer loop tour

Starting from Harderwijk, the route leads you via the Dutch capital Amsterdam through quaint fishing villages and historic towns around the IJsselmeer. If you want to experience the breathtaking scenery including nature reserves up close, you can hardly not embark on this cycle holiday!

IJsselmeer - based in one hotel

With Garderen as the starting point of the trips, you will get to know the Dutch Gerderland better every day. With the Hoge Veluwe National Park, historic towns and beaches, the diverse region has something to offer for every taste. Highlight for art lovers: one of the largest Van Gogh collections in the world can be found in the Veluwe

The most beautiful bike & boat holidays on the IJsselmeer

Northern Holland and Friesland, MS Serena

Fancy a change? From Amsterdam, you can take a boat to some of the most beautiful places in North Holland. Explore the different regions by bike during the day before returning to the MS Serena to relax in the evening. A highlight: the sunny island of Texel, the sunniest place in the Netherlands.

West Frisian Tidelands, Mare fan Fryslân

On this holiday, you will get to know the IJsselmeer and the West Frisian Tidelands up close. You are not only en route by bike, but also by boat, on the sailing ship “Mare fan Fryslân”. You can also reach the sunny island of Texel and the island of Terschelling, the “Amsterdam of the Tidelands”, when travelling across the Tidelands.

Questions and answers regarding your cycle holiday on the IJsselmeer

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We offer the following self-guided cycle holidays on the IJsselmeer, including luggage transfer:

On our cycle holidays we distinguish between four levels of difficulty: easy, medium, challenging and athletic. The tours around the IJsselmeer are consistently assigned the levels “easy” and “medium”. The easy trips are perfect for beginner cyclists and newcomers, but also suitable for families with children. If you are in good physical condition or your children are older, tours in the “medium” category also offer an appropriate level of difficulty. In general, with the “easy” and “medium” ratings, you cycle more comfortably and enjoyably.

Due to the proximity to the water, fish in many different variations is one of the highlights. But Dutch pancakes and a large selection of desserts also promise culinary variety.

The optimal time for a cycle holiday on the IJsselmeer is from April until September.

Useful information for you cycling holiday on the IJsselmeer

Cycle paths at the IJsselmeer

Since the bicycle is absolutely the most popular means of transport in the Netherlands, the Dutch cycle paths are also ideally developed around the IJsselmeer. As a holidaymaker, you benefit from a comprehensive network of cycle paths, from which we have put together the most beautiful and impressive routes for you.

Harderwijk Ortszentrum

The climate at the IJsselmeer

Since the IJsselmeer is located by the sea, a maritime climate prevails here. Temperatures are mild with an average high of 22 degrees Celsius in July and August and 5 degrees Celsius in the winter months. In general, it rains a lot all year round. The driest month is May with 14 rainy days. Weatherproof equipment is therefore a must when cycling, in order to be able to enjoy the journey even in the rain.

Windmühle am Fluss

The cuisine at the IJsselmeer

Due to the location by the sea, fish is often served here. From fish rolls to “Kibbeling” (fried fish in batter), everything goes. If you like it very traditional, you can also try “Hollandse Nieuwe”. This Dutch national dish is the first herring of the season, eaten garnished only with onions. It is lowered directly into the mouth by the caudal fin.

Apart from fish, pancakes are a must on the Dutch menu! They are served sweet or savory, also with toppings such as sausage, cheese, fruit or even chicken, which are rather unusual for Germany, Austria or Great Britain. A sweet pancake is traditionally served with boiled apple juice as a spread.

Desserts are also very important in the Netherlands, hence there are different versions of waffles and pancakes, as well as the typical Dutch liquid custard called “Vla”.


Did you know …?

  • …that the IJsselmeer was created by building a dyke?
  • …that the IJsselmeer is also very popular with water sport-enthusiasts?

  • ...that the “IJ” is a special sound in Dutch, where the second letter is also written in capitals?
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