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At the moment, we cannot offer any bike and boat tours in France. How about a bike and boat tour in Southern Europe instead? Alternatively, you can take a look at our cycle tours in France.

Spend longer on holiday

You will probably already know the advantages of France as a holiday destination. Perhaps you have already visited. But now we will take you on a special adventure. Get to know a new way of travelling with Eurobike. Our tours by bike and boat will bring you closer to France in a very authentic, comfortable and active way. We are certain you will be amazed! So, what should you do now? Find your favourite trip, get in touch with us and start oiling your bike chains! You’re going to France!

Useful information about your bike and boat trip in France

The Mistral at your back

Have you ever heard of the Mistral? It is a cold, downwind that causes mischief in France from time to time. The Mistral seems particularly at home in the Rhone Valley, but also in Provence. Initially it is felt as a warm, gentle breeze, but after a few hours it cools down noticeably and increases in strength. It is very typical of the Mistral that you do not see it coming, because the sky is cloudless and the starts rarely sparkle so beautifully. Our tip: you are significantly faster if you cycle with the Mistral and not against it! 😊

Havin fun in front of a mill in the province Provence

Croissants – famous around the world!

Hardly any other pastry has become so well known as the croissant. It is inevitably linked to French culture and for many represents a symbol of French cuisine. But…um…are you sure the croissant really comes from France? In fact, cultural historians suspect that the croissant was invented in Austria when the Turks besieged Vienna. Another legend says that Marie Antoinette, the wife of King Louis XVI, brought the croissant from Austria to France. Be that as it may…the croissant is, and remains, part of France and the fact is that nobody knows how to make it as well as the French. So don’t miss biting into a warm croissant in the morning, pure enjoyment.

Breakfast with croissants in the Hotel Accademia in Trento

Did you know…

  • …that there was only one stop sign in the whole of Paris? And that was removed a few years ago.
  • …that the highest bridge in the world is located in France?

  • …that France was the national language of England for almost 300 years?
  • …that the Scottish kilt actually comes from France?

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