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Enjoy the Spanish sun on an exclusive cycling holiday in Andalusia

When you think of Spain, colourful images of flamenco dancers, sea bays and tapas surely come to mind. You can discover exactly that and much more on a Eurobike cycling tour. Moorish elegance meets Spanish spirit – your holiday can begin!

Our most beautiful cycle tour in Andalusia


Let Eurobike transform you into a Moorish dream, cycling with us through the fairytale world of 1001 Nights and marvel at the gorgeous flamenco dancers in their floaty, fire-red dresses.

Useful information about your cycling holiday in Andalusia

The climate in Andalusia

If you have chosen Andalusia as your cycling destination, we can almost certainly promise you one thing – you will most likely not get cold here. The Andalusian climate is characterised by a lot of sunshine. Even in the coldest winter months you can expect temperatures of up to 17 degrees. Between June and September, the temperatures reach an average of 30 degrees during the day. That’s why we pause in July and August. In summary, warm temperatures can be expected, however, as with everywhere, the rain can also come!

A look into the Andalusian kitchen

Andalusian cuisine brings together many different cultures, flavours and ways of life. In the foreground is undoubtedly the Mediterranean cuisine, which brings a lot of fish and seafood to the plate. But the influences of those in the countryside have left their mark. Probably the most famous dish from the southern Spanish region of Andalusia is the world famous Gazpacho. The cold vegetable soup was consumed by farmers in the field, giving them refreshment and food at the same time. And don’t miss out tasting supposedly the best ham in the world – we’re talking about the famous Iberico ham, made from black pigs fattened with acorns. A dream!

Celebrate colourful festivals on a cycling holiday in Andalusia

"You are your best you" – this is the Andalusia's motto. Where else could you celebrate this credo better than at one of the countless festivals? Nearly every day there are events taking place in southern Spain's small and larger towns. Sometimes it is all about the world famous artist Pablo Picasso, who declared Málaga his second home, sometimes the Spaniards celebrate their special ham 'Jamón', which is delicious, air-cured ham from free-range Iberico pigs. If you are to arrive at a town whilst on your cycling tour during siesta then you are sure to find an historic building ope, which you can marvel at. It could be for instance the Moorish town castle 'Alhambra’, or the cathedral 'Maria de la Sede’.

Did you know…

  • …that Andalusia is only 14km from Africa?
  • …that flamenco comes from Andalusia?

  • …that 50% of the area of Andalusia consists of forest?
  • …that Iberico doesn’t have a Denomination of Origin status? In fact, the type of pig used to make the ham is what gives it its name – the Iberian pig.
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