Cycling holidays in Andalusia

Castle of Cordoba

Enjoy the Spanish sunshine on an exclusive cycling holiday in Andalusia

When you think of Spain surely colourful images of flamenco dancers, bays and tapas pop into your head. You can discover all of that and much more on a cycling holiday with Eurobike. To be precise, the endearing culture, cuisine and scenery of southern Spain. Moorish elegance meets Spanish temper – let the holiday begin!

View to the region of El Burgo

Andalusia – a magnificent cultural melting pot

The scenery in the most southern part of Spain nearly comes across like a cliché. Rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, breezy plateau and lush forests. It is best to discover picture-perfect Spain whilst on a cycling holiday. That way you will not miss out on any of the most beautiful spots in Andalusia. Up on placid hills, where the line between heaven and earth becomes blurred, a break becomes an idylic oasis of tranquility. The Strait of Gibralta has connected and still continues to connect Spain with Marocco. Marocco, the country with a colourful culture,  is still influencing art and everyday life in Spain to this day. Experience the impressive merging of Arabic legacy and Spanish modern age for yourself.

Bridge to the Plaza de Espana in Seville

Celebrate colourful festivals on a cycling holiday in Andalusia

"You are your best you" – this is the Andalusia's motto. Where else could you celebrate this credo better than at one of the countless festivals? Nearly every day there are events taking place in southern Spain's small and larger towns. Sometimes it is all about the world famous artist Pablo Picasso, who declared Málaga his second home, sometimes the Spaniards celebrate their special ham 'Jamón', which is delicious, air-cured ham from free-range Iberico pigs. If you are to arrive at a town whilst on your cycling tour during siesta then you are sure to find an historic building ope, which you can marvel at. It could be for instance the Moorish town castle 'lhambra’, or the cathedral 'Maria de la Sede’.

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