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Ursula tells us about her cycle tour in Bavaria

At the beginning of August, the time finally came. After working at Eurobike for a long time, I decided to go on a cycle tour in Germany with my husband and parents. Even though we have numerous wonderful cycle tours on offer, especially Bavaria, it quickly became clear to us: the Lake Starnberg tour based in one hotel had to be it. And so we set out a few weeks ago to drive to Bavaria.

How did I fare on my first cycle tour? It’s best to read for yourself.

Arrival in beautiful Bavaria

Full of anticipation for our cycle tour, we ride our well-equipped company bus towards Lake Starnberg. After lunch together in the beautiful garden of the Tutzinger Hof, we enjoy the sunshine and can hardly wait to tackle the first stage of our cycle tour in Bavaria.

In the afternoon our trip to the Ammersee finally starts and we soon notice: we have definitely made the right choice with our cycle tour, because the town of Herrsching and the picturesque little castle with magically laid out flower beds in the spa park filled us with anticipation from the first moment.

The little mermaid by Hilde Grotewahl and the view of the lake invites us to linger and we enjoy a drink in a beach bar with a Caribbean flair.

History, fun and relaxation on Lake Starnberg

During the extensive breakfast in the Hotel Seeblick, we enjoy the rich selection and strengthen ourselves for the upcoming stage at very pleasant temperatures in the hotel’s garden. We are particularly excited about the tour around Lake Starnberg, after all a visit to the home of Empress Sissi von Possenhofen is on the cards – a day full of history awaits. With fantastic weather we start the circular route around Lake Starnberg. The combination of shady forest paths and sunny bathing opportunities is ideal for cycle tours in midsummer. We also use the gently sloping pebble beaches along the lake to refresh ourselves.

A short stop to take in the view of the rose island is also necessary and on such a warm day a cool beer in the Forsthaus am See couldn’t be missed. Unfortunately, to our great disappointment, the Sissi Museum is closed and Possenhofen Castle is privately owned, but we enjoy the view of the garden and the castle of the Empress.

We continue through Starnberg: there is a lot of activity here. A coffee or an ice cream can be enjoyed in one of the beach clubs, a seaside bar or a beach café.

If you feel like it, visit one of the museums and immerse yourself in the history of Bavaria. Old sculptures, famous pictures and other treasures from bygone times can be admired here.

On the western side of Lake Starnberg we stop at the Votive Church, which was built as a memorial for King Ludwig II. The building contract was given to Julius and Rudolf Hoffmann, as well as to the artist Prof. August Spieß, who were previously also involved in the construction of Neuschwanstein Castle.

After an eventful day we finally arrive back at the hotel, where we enjoy an excellent dinner that is both a delight for the eyes and stomach.

Body and mind, Andechs Monastery

Andechs Monastery invites us for silence and prayer. We admire the magnificent design of the church and on a tour through the numerous small rooms in the monastery we are impressively brought closer to life and work in earlier times.

The monastery also has a lot to offer from a culinary point of view. In the monastery shop there is a high-proof liquor made in its own distillery and in the garden we enjoy the delicacies from the Andechs brewery. Strengthened with a typical Bavarian white sausage and pretzel, we cycle on.

By the way, we are on the road with two e-bikes and two normal bikes, which was absolutely the right choice. My husband and I have can use a little more energy and my parents have the opportunity to cycle a little more comfortably on the e-bikes.

In terms of landscape, we are enchanted by the idyllic paths and the beautiful alternation of flowering meadows, shady forests, alleys and small villages. Again and again we stop briefly to enjoy the view. Back at Lake Starnberg we can’t resist and take the opportunity to refresh ourselves in the crystal clear water again. How lovely!

Zauberwald of silence around the Ostersee

Unfortunately this is already the final day of our cycle tour, which leads us towards Riegsee. Of course, we won’t miss the large Ostersee and Fohn-See on our tour. And the detour was absolutely worth it. Incredible tranquillity, a fantastic view, blooming thistles with dancing butterflies and the smell of the forest enchant us. In Iffeldorf, next to the St. Vitus church, we find a place to refuel our bikes, as we forgot to charge the battery the day before. Right next to it is Ruth Hartung’s ceramic studio, a world of art and design.

On this day tour we loved the tour. The beautiful days are coming to an end and we start our journey home a little sad.

Ursula Eder

Bis bald, Ursula

Ursula Eder
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