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Travel story: Romantic Road & Bavarian Lakes

Claudia on the road on the `Via Claudia’

Easter holidays and great weather with temperatures over 20 degrees Celsius! At short notice, my husband Norbert and I decided to try the Eurobike tour to/from Augsburg along the Romantic Road and Bavarian Lakes. And we made the right decision!

We had five days, there was no one to transfer our luggage – but for us cyclists that was no problem. So we load our wheels into the bus, pack our VAUDE saddlebags from Eurobike and set off for the Wörthsee, where we start our tour. In the morning it is still a little fresh, but we are soon warming up under the ever-stronger sunshine and we start our bike tour with fabulous spring temperatures.

Stage Wörthsee – Murnau:

This small lake, a popular excursion destination of Munich, is idyllically situated, ideal for cycling, swimming and enjoyment. First, the cycle path leads along the lake, past noble houses and on to the Ammersee, where we take our first break in one of the cosy cafes right on the lake.

After a short, steep climb we reach the Andechs Monastery with is still an important pilgrimage church and has its own private brewery. A short detour to visit and stop in the garden is definitely worth it!

We continue cycling through the rolling hills, completely secluded and without traffic until we reach Murnau am Staffelsee.

We warmly welcome you to the Griesbräu in the centre of Murnau! After a short break we make another loop around the lovely little place, which radiates Bavarian flair. Murnau is known for, among other things, the painter of the ‘Blue rider’ and the dramatist Ödön von Horváth, who lived here for several years and wrote world literature. Unfortunately, it is already too late for us, but a visit to the castle museum is highly recommended!

In the evening we return to the Griesbräu and enjoy typical Bavarian delicacies in the cosy atmosphere of the in-house brewery restaurant.

Stage Murnau – Füssen:

The sun is shining and we wake up motivated, enjoy a hearty breakfast with everything your heart could desire, and start first on foot – because there is a market today on the pedestrian area of Murnau.

Forests, beautiful pastures and alpine romance accompany us to the world-famous Wieskirche, a beautiful pilgrimage church built in the Bavarian Rococo style. We have brought a picnic lunch and take a short stop by the small lake before continuing to cycle to Schongau/Füssen. In the background we are accompanied by a beautiful panorama of the still snowy Allgäu Alps. And suddenly the world-famous royal castles appear!

We are staying in the centrally located and comfortable Hotel Hirsch in Füssen and immediately set off to visit the picturesque city centre. We stroll through the winding streets and climb up to the great castle, which is considered one of the best-preserved medieval castles in Bavaria. There is a beautiful view of the Lech and the old town from the top.

We sample the delicious King Ludwig ‘snowballs’ and indulge ourselves in a typical brewery inn with regional delicacies, before we return to our hotel full and satisfied.

Stage Füssen – Schongau & Schongau – Landsberg

The sky is cloud-free and the mountaintops are already gleaming in the morning sun. We get up early, because we still want to visit the royal castles we passed yesterday.

The wonderful route leads through the beautiful Bavarian countryside, mostly on the ‘Romantic Road’, past small towns, as far as Schongau. The city was built on a hill directly on the Lech, has a very well preserved town centre and is definitely worth a visit with its many historic buildings and almost completely preserved city walls. We reach Schongau at noon, and treat ourselves to a longer break in a cosy café on the beautiful main square.

We continue on the Romantic Road along the Lech to Landsberg am Lech. After we get settled into the central Hotel Goggle, we go on a sightseeing tour. We would highly recommend the route ‘City Tour Lower and Upper City’.

We enjoy the narrow alleyways, stairs, charming houses with special windows, small gardens and courtyards, medieval buildings and wonderful views of Landsberg from the ‘Upper City’ rooftops. We end the day with a glass of white wine and a delicious asparagus dish.

Stage Landsberg – Augsburg

The weather gods are shining on us: there is dream weather today and the temperature should climb to over 25 degrees!

Today is also a rather short and easy stage with about 45km on the programme. Everything is flat and traffic-free as we roll along the ‘Romantic Road’ into the centre of the university city of Augsburg. The path mainly goes along the Lech, through the southern Augsburger city forest and the Lechtalheiden, which is one of the most species-rich European habitats.

Our hotel is right next to the town hall. But we take our bikes for another spin through the city. It is Good Friday, the city is almost empty – it’s wonderful to explore the attractions by bike: the Town Hall, Perlachturm, the ‘Fuggerei’, the Cathedral…

Then we stop in a beer garden (very small, right by the city wall, in a quiet area) and end the day comfortably with white sausage, pretzel and a wheat beer.

Stage Augsburg – Wörthsee

Today is our last day of cycling. 65km are on the programme. The beautiful route goes through the Bavarian hills and farming villages back to the Wörthsee. We start to see the mountains in the background again. At the end of the tour, we treat ourselves to a wheat beer on the beautiful Ammersee and enjoy one last view of the lake with the snow-capped mountains in the background.

We had some very exciting and wonderful days of cycling and really enjoyed the tour! We can feel our thighs burning a little, but that’s part of the experience! It was a very varied, beautiful cycle tour through the middle of the Bavarian alpine foothills with a lot of highlights on the way and a lot of time just to kick back and relax.

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