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From magnificent castles, grandiose wines and chic cycling shorts

Explore the beautiful centre of Germany with Eurobike! Whether on the Moselle, the Elbe, the Rhine, in Thuringia, in the Münsterland, on the Ruhr, on the Lahn or around Berlin…our cycle tours in central Germany have a lot to offer. Cycle paths along beautiful rivers lined with wild nature, historic cities, breath taking castles and palaces…all this and much more await you in the cycling-friendly centre of Germany. Wonderful hours, a good glass of wine and a lot of fun are guaranteed.

The Moselle cycle path

One of the most popular river bike trails in Germany is making its way through the dreamy hills of the Moselle country.

Moselle Cycle Path – comfortable (leisurely)

The enjoyment is not neglected on this tour. Cycle from Trier to Koblenz and treat yourself to a glass or two of delicious Mosel wine. It makes cycling a bit more spirited!

Metz – Koblenz

About 275 kilometres of cycling along the Moselle lead you from Metz to Koblenz. Beautiful cycle paths, breathtaking scenery and fine German wines distinguish this cycle tour. Well then…off to the Mosel.

The Elbe cycle path

Dresden – Magdeburg

Follow the Elbe cycle path from Dresden, visit the hometown of Winnetou’s father Karl May, lift a glass in one of the wine villages near Meissen and admire Magdeburg Cathedral at the end of the tour.

Dresden centre-based tour

The city on the Elbe will enchant you! During your stay you are based in a modern 4 **** hotel, which is in a protected building. Art, music, architecture and wonderful cycle tours will make your holiday a very special one.

The Rhine cycle path

Mainz – Cologne

The old Romans knew what was good and came here on holiday. Castles, palaces, thermal springs and once again delicious German wine still impress a large number of visitors today. But today we have an advantage over the Romans…we can explore the area by bike.

Strasbourg – Mainz

Our tour along the Rhine starts in beautiful Alsace. Other culturally rich cities such as Heidelberg, Worms and Mainz await you on this tour. Do not miss trying a glass of Riesling in Nierstein, it is one of the best in the world!

Cycle tours in Thuringia

Thuringian basin

The Thuringian dumplings are not the only good thing about this cycle tour! Gentle hills in the most beautiful landscape make a cycle tour here an experience. Enjoy comfort, peace and the joy of cycling!

Cycle tours in Münsterland

The cycling paradise of Münsterland

Perfectly developed cycle paths take you past moat circled castles and palaces, through flower meadows and dense forests…that’s exactly how cycling should be!

Spectacular castles in Münsterland

Here, the bike functions as a time machine: grand castles and manors almost make you think you are in another century. Become captivated by the Münsterland!

Along the Lahn

Lahn Cycle Path: Marburg – Koblenz

This 7-day tour starts along the Lahn cycle path in the historic university city of Marburg. Historic buildings, monuments and partly untouched nature characterise this cycle tour.

Central Germany by bike & boat

Coblenz – Saarburg, MS Olympia

Your floating host, the MS Olympia, is looking forward to welcoming you to Coblenz. Relax during the days on board and of course on your bike saddle! A lush natural landscape, cultural highlights and a variety of delicacies do their part to make this cycle tour an unforgettable experience. Incidentally, this tour is also available in reverse.

Useful information about your cycling holiday in Germany

The central German cuisine

Each state in central Germany has its own specialities. The state of Saxony is especially known for its desserts, Saxony-Anhalt is the oldest beer in the world and Thuringia is particularly proud of its sausages. A very special dish from central Germany, which is known beyond the country’s borders, comes from Thuringia. We are of course talking about the famous Thuringian ‘Kloßer’ (dumplings). The potato dumplings are very popular in this country. For years now, a quality seal has been awarded to catering establishments who keep traditional Thuringian dumplings alive!

The climate in Central Germany

The most beautiful time to cycle in central Germany is from April until the end of September. The summer months are mostly dry and very warm, sometimes hot. Saxony is generally one of the coldest and most precipitous regions in Germany, Saxony-Anhalt rather warmer and Thuringia is one of the driest areas in the Federal Republic!

Saxony – the land of inventors

You won’t believe how many inventions come from the small Federal State of Saxony. Here inventions were created that we all use daily. Here is a small selection of Saxony’s most famous inventions:

  • Toothpaste in its present form was invented in Dresden in 1907.

  • The teabag was developed in Dresden in 1929.

  • The daily newspaper appeared for the first time in 1650 in Leibzig.

  • The bra, also invented in Dresden, has been around since 1899.

  • The coffee filter was developed by Mrs. Melitta Bentz in Dresden.

  • And porcelain is also a Saxon invention.


Did you know…

  • …that the Rhine is one of the busiest rivers in the world?

  • …that there are 7 Unesco World Heritage Sites in central Germany?

  • …that Saxony was the first in the world to replace the traffic light man with a traffic light woman?

  • …that Johannes Gutenberg was born and died in Mainz?

  • …that the Thuringian basin is one of the driest areas in Germany?

More cycling destinations in Germany

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