River and coastal cycle paths in Germany


The magical element of water plays a main role in many of our wonderful Eurobike cycle tours. Many of our cycling trips meander along the banks of famous rivers and breathtaking coastlines. Discover the most beautiful cycle tours on river and coastal paths in Germany, get some little-known facts about Germany’s largest rivers then get a picture of the picturesque coasts of Germany – then you can dream of them until your cycling holiday finally begins!

Runway in the Baltic sea at sunset

Follow the water downstream

What does a beautiful painting, a great landscape photograph or a well-made picture booklet have in common? Right! Mostly water flows through the picture in some form. And it’s the same with these Eurobike cycle tours – water flows through the picture in the most beautiful tours! Whether along a mighty river, past gurgling streams or on the steep sea coast – we are firmly fascinated with water. Discover our most beautiful cycle paths along the Rhine, the Maine, the Danube, the Moselle, the Weser, the Elbe, or cycle along the stormy Baltic Sea, the North Sea or enjoy wonderful days in East Fresia. There’s a great selection!

Rhine Cycle Path

Cycle path along the river rhine

Speyer - Heidelberg - Worms

Romance is paramount on this idyllic cycle tour. Admire fabulous castles on the way, visit historic towns and simply enjoy the heavenly peace that you’ll encounter on this tour.


Rhine Cycle Path III: Strasbourg – Mainz

This classic really is suitable for every cyclist: from the beginner, to the occasional cyclist to the passionate cyclist. A pleasant climate, beautiful stage destinations and picturesque landscapes along the Rhine will make the tour shine.

Three imperial cathedrals on the Rhine

The exotic Palatinate is the scene of this fairytale cycle tour. Bicycling your way through Germany’s most popular wine region, marveling at the famous imperial cathedrals in Speyer, Worms and Mainz, close your eyes and smell the ripe fruit along the way and let your soul relax under a blossoming almond tree.

Neckar, Rhine & Vines

The beautiful German wine route, the imperial city of Worms and wonderfully fragrant fruit trees lining the cycle path enchant guests on this very special cycle tour. Pure enjoyment!

Rhine cycle path IV: Mainz – Cologne

Cycle from Mainz via Rüdesheim, Koblenz and past other pretty villages to Cologne, along the beautiful river course of the Rhine. You will be impressed.

Rhine Cycle Path IV: Mainz – Coblenz

Medieval fans take note! This cycling trip might interest you. Because there is no section of the Rhine where there are more mystical castles as there is between Mainz and Coblenz.

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Rhine Cycle Path V: Cologne – Arnheim

The most unknown part of the famous Rhine Cycle Path is itching to be discovered and conquered on this fabulous cycle tour. Cycle relaxed on an almost flat cycle path from Cologne to Holland – specifically to Arnheim.

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Main Cycle Path

View to river Main

Sitting mostly in the shadow of its big brother, the Rhine, the Main meanders through large parts of Germany. It is the longest tributary to the famous Rhine. What else awaits you aside from pretty cycle paths along the riverside, hearty beer gardens and enchanting landscapes? Find out for yourself! Either on our popular cycle tour Bamberg – Aschaffenburg or maybe on the Main cycle path for families?


German Danube

Donaueschingen – Donauwörth

Cycle along the beautiful blue Danube from Donaueschingen to the idyllic Donauwörth! The mighty river, the lovely landscape and the friendly population will turn you into an absolute Danube Cycle Path fan.


Donauwörth – Passau

The second part of the German Danube Cycle Path takes you from Donauwörth via Ingolstadt, Regensburg and Straubing to Passau. Bavarian cosiness and fantastic cycle paths – what more could a cyclist’s heart desire?

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Cyclists on bridge near Ansbach

Rothenburg - Regensburg

The beautiful Franconian Lake District, the rolling hills of the enchanting Altmühltal and the lovely towns of the area will take your breath away. Enjoy some time with yourself and your favourite sports equipment – your bike.

Moselle Cycle Path

The second largest tributary to the Rhine also gives us cyclists a lot of fun. The Mosel cycle path is one of the most popular German river cycle paths we offer. Whether from Trier to Coblenz, or from Saarbrücken to Coblenz, the rolling vineyards, the contemplative landscape and the rushing river make every cycle trip a real pleasure.


Weser Cycle Path

Classic: Hann. Münden – Bremen

Northwest Germany is the scene of this remarkable cycle tour along the Weser. This tour is ideal for families with children and impresses with interesting stages and pretty towns such as Bremen, Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven.

Discoverer: Hann. Münden – Minden

Where the Wesser springs from Werra and Fulda, you start your adventure on the Wesser Cycle Path. Over just 5 days you cycle from the 3-river town of Hann. Münden to Minden and believe us, you will experience many things along the way.

Epicure: Hann. Münden – Cuxhaven

If you want to take it a bit slower and more tranquil, we recommend this tour. Because one thing is clear: stress has no place on holiday. Take all the time in the world and enjoy the beautiful area.

Elbe Cycle Path

Prague – Dresden

From the Czech capital of Prague you will cycle through charming villages along the Elbe and Vlatva River to the venerable city of Dresden. Art, culture and a good deal of charm await you on this impressive cycle tour. What are you waiting for?

Dresden – Magdeburg

Beautiful baroque buildings, quiet landscapes, magical little towns…on this bike trip we have really worked hard for you. Is it worth a trip?


Dresden based in one hotel

The Florence of the north invites cycling enthusiasts to our ever-popular Dresden tour based in one hotel. Whether in the Hotel Maritim or the Hotel Hotel Elbflorenz – we promise you will enjoy your stay!

Dresden – Dessau

Splendid baroque buildings welcome you to the most romantic city north of Italy – Dresden. Be curious about the very interesting architecture, friendly people, impressive landscapes and pretty stage destinations.

  • Curious? Then quickly get all the information you need about the Dresden – Dessau cycle tour.

Baltic Sea Coast

Lübeck – Flensburg

A seemingly endless expanse of white sandy beaches, the wild Baltic Sea and pleasantly flat cycle paths will convince even the most skeptical would-be cyclist of this wonderful cycle tour. See for yourself!


Lübeck – Stralsund

Another variant of the Baltic Cycle Route is this one - from Lübeck to Stralsund – travelling along the Baltic coast. Fans of the north will be thrilled. So, what are you waiting for?

Timmendorf beach tour based in one hotel

The white sandy beaches on the wild Baltic coast are not the only thing that makes this tour a real gem among our cycle tours. The lush forests and crystal-clear lakes of Holstein Switzerland also make this trip so attractive.

Three Islands

Can you already imagine the lighthouses on the Baltic coast, the neat deckchairs and seemingly endless white sandy beaches in front of you? No?

The Baltic Sea, Hanseatic cities and Old Salt Road

The Hanseatic city of Lübeck is the starting point for this dreamy cycle tour along the beautiful Baltic Sea coast. Let yourself be transported to another world, full of fishing nets, half-timbered houses and sailor’s yarn.

Berlin – Rostock

The colourful, lively metropolis of Berlin is the starting point of this special cycle tour. From there, head for the Baltic Sea and cross Brandenburg and Mecklenburg – Vorpommern.


North Sea Coast

Hamburg – Sylt

From the beautiful Hanseatic city you start your bike ride to Sylt. Cycle along the romantic North Sea coast, eat delicious fresh fish and recover from the stresses of everyday life.


Northern Friesland

Northern Friesland, so beautiful and peaceful, is perfect for a cycling trip. Why not for yours? Enchanting islands, old lighthouses, traditional mills and beautifully arranged lake promenades will sweeten the evenings after your cycle tours.

In the Footsteps of the Vikings

Cycle on the old shipping and trade routes of the cruel Vikings from the North Sea coast to the Baltic coast. Interesting days and beautiful views from your bike saddle are guaranteed.

Eastern Friesland

Eastern Friesland Island Hopping

The Eastern Friesland islands in the beautiful North Sea have always charmed our visitors. Enjoy the rough sea charm of this stunning cycle tour full of delightful sandy beaches, small fishing villages and rugged nature.

Eastern Friesland Impressions

Imagine the following picture – you in a colourful beach chair on an East Frisian beach, your feet in the white sand, a cup of tea in your hand and your bike waiting patiently for you to hop on after a pleasant break.