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Reach your destination in comfort by train

Train travel is the way to go!
Rhaetian Railway in the Swiss Alps

Why use planes or cars for your vacation when you can hop on a train, a comfy, eco-friendly ride to your destination?

Embrace train travel and experience easy access to Europe's most stunning destinations. Plus, you can often bring your bike along for a nominal fee.

Check out our curated cycling tours in Austria, Germany and France. Let them spark your inspiration and wanderlust!

Rhaetian Railway in the Swiss Alps

Set off on a sustainable cycling vacation

Traveling by train is in vogue. With increasing environmental awareness, attractive discounts from the individual rail companies and comfortable long-distance trains, more and more people are changing the way they travel. The countries at the heart of Europe have a well-developed network of local and long-distance public transport. Nothing stands in the way of a stress-free journey by train.

From the mountains of Tyrol and Salzburg to the Italian "Dolce Vita"

In addition to the ever-popular Danube Cycle Path from Schärding/Passau to Vienna – the classic cycle tour – there are numerous other picturesque destinations waiting to be discovered in Austria.

Cycling tours from Innsbruck

Innsbruck, for instance, accessible several times a day by ÖBB, WESTbahnSchweizerische Bundesbahn and Deutsche Bahn from all major cities, also serves as the starting point for numerous appealing cycle tours to the south. Embarking on this Alpine crossing, you'll pedal past majestic mountain ranges, traverse the vineyards and orchards of South Tyrol, heading towards Bozen or, alternatively, Lake Garda.

Cycling tours from Salzburg

Salzburg is much more than just a festival city. It also serves as the starting point for your cycling adventure along the Alpe-Adria Cycle Path. Situated on the western route, the city of Mozart is conveniently served several times a day by ÖBBWESTbahnDeutsche Bahn, and the Schweizerischen Bundesbahn.

On this cycling tour, the mountain panoramas of the Salzburg and Carinthian Alps blend with picturesque towns and cultural sites along the Upper Adriatic. Here, Austrian "Gemütlichkeit" meets Italian "Dolce Vita".

A variety of cycle tours in southern Germany

Southern Germany seamlessly blends sparkling lakes, majestic mountain vistas, and captivating cities. Are you inclined towards the Bavarian way of life with its blue and white aesthetics, adorned with lederhosen and dirndls, and the cosmopolitan charm of Munich? Or does the allure of Lake Constance, nestled in the border triangle of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, captivate you more?

Cycling tours in Bavaria

While you may be familiar with the Danube cycle path from Passau to Vienna, have you explored the equally charming section from Donauwörth to Passau? This stretch is equally captivating, featuring Regensburg with its renowned old town. The city's architecture from the 11th to 13th centuries still shapes its character today, characterized by towering buildings, narrow alleys, and formidable fortifications.

Donauwörth is easily accessible by train, with direct connections available from all major cities in southern Germany.

Another wonderful region for cycling tours lies around Munich. Here, you can explore the Munich Lake District, renowned for its unique natural beauty. Cycle along the scenic Lake Starnberg, where the Bavarian Emperor once once spent his summer holidays and where the elite of the Bavarian capital still gather today. From there, continue towards Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Bad Tölz, immersing yourself in the stunning landscapes of the region.

As the capital of the Free State of Bavaria, Munich is easy to reach by train. Rail companies such as ÖBB, WESTbahn, Schweizerische Bundesbahn and of course DB stop in Munich several times a day.

Discover Lake Constance by bike

Southern Germany isn't just limited to the Munich metropolitan area and its surroundings. The Lake Constance region offers much to explore. Its stunning nature and diverse cultural attractions make the region exceptionally appealing. On the Austrian side, you can enjoy the renowned Bregenz Festival, while Friedrichshafen on the German side, with its Zeppelin Museum, is always worth a visit, as is the Rhine Falls on the Swiss side.

Konstanz, as a starting point for cycling tours, is easily accessible by Deutsche Bahn from all major cities.

Vines at Lake Constance

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By train and bike to Alsace

Alsace, located on the border between France and Germany, was once a hotly contested region. Thankfully, those days are in the past. Today, the region is renowned for its exquisite wines, charming timber-framed houses, and the finest French cuisine.

Traditions are cherished, and history is preserved in Alsace. While the region has maintained its rural charm, the towns are bustling with activity. Strasbourg captivates its visitors with its enchanting timber-framed houses and serves as the starting point for our cycling tours in Alsace. The city is easily accessible by train, including the TGV.

The region, nestled between the Rhine and the Vosges Mountains, is a cyclist's paradise, boasting a well-established network of cycle paths spanning over 2,500 km.

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