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My travel story from the romantic road

Cycle tour along Bavarian lakes
Family photo at Wörthsee

In spring 2023, I will be able to start my first ‘Team member on tour’ cycle tour in Bavaria! I have decided on the ‘Romantic Road and Bavarian Lakes’ loop tour from Augsburg. With me, I have my sister Hanna and my father Andreas.

Family photo at Wörthsee

Early in the morning, we are sitting on the train on the way to Augsburg, and after just 3 hours of travel, we reach our hotel there. Once we have checked in, we have fantastic weather to first explore the city centre, where we end our first evening in a cosy beer garden with delicious food and a great atmosphere.

Pure nature at lake Wörthsee: a cycling stage with a culinary highlight

On the first morning, after receiving the bike and the official briefing, we get started and hop up onto our bikes. Our route today takes us over the river Lech, past impressive flower meadows and a wonderful, untouched countryside to our destination for the day, Lake Wörthsee. Arriving there, once having checked in to the hotel, we head out for a walk by the lake. After a leisurely wander, we reach today’s highlight – a Bavarian beer garden right on the lake, with a fantastic view and very tasty food.

View of the Lech

Over Lake Ammersee to Murnau

We started today’s cycling day relaxed and after the first few kilometres, we took a break at the beautiful Lake Ammersee, although unfortunately, it is too cold to go swimming in. Instead, for a few minutes, we simply enjoy the unspoilt nature and the breathtaking expanse that the lake offers.

Finally, we cycle past idyllic lakes and pastures to our destination of Murnau. There we leave our bikes at the hotel and explore the charming old town on our own. After the delicious dinner, we round off the day with an Italian ice cream.

Ammersee with jetty and reed grass in the foreground

Highlight stage through the Murnauer Moos nature reserve

From Murnau, we cycle onwards to Füssen. The navigation on the Eurobike on Tour app today guides us directly through the Murnauer Moos nature reserve, our personal highlight of the tour. The beautiful cycle path through the splendid countryside will linger in our memories for a long time. A small idyllic stream and colourful wildflower meadows, as far as the eye can see; the nature here is really wonderful. And then there is this fantastic view of the mountains! It quickly became clear to us: this would be our favourite place on the tour. We comfortably spend our break on one of the many benches that invite you to linger and enjoy the view of the unspoilt nature – it is simply breathtaking. With a heavy heart, we eventually set off again, as our destination for the day was still some distance away. And yet we take our next break at the beautiful Wieskirche. We couldn’t just ride past it.

With a fantastic view of Neuschwanstein Castle, we finally cycle the last kilometres to Füssen full of motivation. Once there, we explore the hotel and the beautiful city centre.

Cyclists ride past the Wieskirche church on the road

Continuing on the romantic road to Schongau

Strengthened by a very tasty and extensive breakfast, we cycle leisurely onwards. The route leads us through meadows and pastures, principally along the ‘romantic road’, past many small communities, and on to Schongau.

Despite the rainy and cool weather, we stay dry until we reach the hotel there. We have effectively slalomed and dodged the rain clouds. Now it is time for us to warm up, so we head straight to the local bathing and sauna world. Relaxed, we end the evening with pizza and pasta in the city.

Relaxed stage to the historic Landsberg am Lech

Today, the path takes us along the river Lech directly to Landsberg am Lech. Since today is the shortest stage of the cycle tour, we can take plenty of time for breaks along the route, and enjoy the vastness of the untouched nature.

We reach our hotel in Landsberg am Lech in the early afternoon and explore the beautiful small old town, which is really worth a wander around with its history and many sights. On our way through the city, we pass the Lech weir, the Mutterturm fairy-tale castle tower, and the Herkomer Museum. Finally, we enjoy our well-deserved dinner in a nice little restaurant right on the Mühlbach.

Cyclist on cycle path with trees along the lake

Returning to Augsburg

Our cycling stage today now leads us through meadows and forests, unfortunately back to our starting point in Augsburg. We enjoy the wind in our faces and let ourselves be enchanted one last time by the breathtaking nature before we head back to the big city.

Having arrived at our destination hotel, we can easily return our rental bikes and explore the city again on foot.

Before we head back home, we enjoy the evening and the tasty Augsburg cuisine.

Three cyclists with e-bikes in front of hotel


A wonderful loop tour by bike, leading through meadows and forests, partially along the river Lech. The mix of unspoilt nature, beautiful lakes and remarkable Bavarian tourist sights is simply a dream.

Thanks to the Eurobike on Tour app and the associated route book, we always reached our destination hassle-free and without any problems. The cycle paths are well maintained and mostly lead through the countryside and places with little traffic.

The stage destinations are often typical old towns in Bavaria, small and very beautiful, which we liked and, in my opinion, fit perfectly with the charm of this cycling tour.

The cuisine too left nothing to be desired; here, the numerous beer gardens with traditional Bavarian cuisine and a good atmosphere invite you to linger. With a variety of restaurants, there was something for every palate.

The people were very open and friendly, and we were always welcomed with open arms and good moods – a wonderful trip that we will always recommend at any time, and would cycle again. Despite the changeable weather, we have enjoyed it.

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