Travel Story: Cycling on the beautiful Lake Constance

Ursula reports from Lake Constance

Wonderful summers days stand before us. My husband, my parents and I are very much looking forward to a break and the Lake Constance tour based in one hotel. The driving time flies by. We talk about all sorts of important and unimportant things and enjoy the wonderful views of the Alps and some of the lakes. When we arrive in Meersburg, the ferry is already waiting. The vehicles are loaded very quickly and the journey across Lake Constance to Konstanz is impressive.

After a short drive through Konstanz, we park directly in front of the Hotel Halm. We receive a friendly welcome at the reception and enjoy our refreshing welcome drink in the lobby.

We spend the first evening comfortably in the hotel, browse through the travel documents and choose our tour for tomorrow's cycling day: A trip to Mainau Island.

Flower ducks on Mainau Island
Lake Constance from flowers

The island of Mainau and its blossoms

After a delicious breakfast we begin our first tour. A warm, sunny day lies before us. From Konstanz, we cycle along a beautiful cycle path by the lake, through forests and lanes and arrive quickly in the island of Mainau. We leave our bikes in the carpark and explore the island on foot. Right at the entrance an art display of flowers greets us. We can't stop marvelling and taking pictures: animals made of flowers, herb gardens, a waterfall with wonderful flower arrangements, turrets with flowerbeds, huge trees, palm trees, cacti and the impressive castle ... I can't stop raving about the island.

THE CLEANEST FLOWER PARADISE, a joy for all of us, a real feast for the eyes!

Botanical Garden on Mainau Island
Bench by the lake on Mainau Island

Relaxing in the sea of flowers

Due to the high temperatures, we buy a refreshing little beer and relax in a lovely place to take in the flowers. According to the wisdom of Astrid Lindgren: "And then you also have to have time to just sit there and look in front of you". The deceleration does us good.

On the return journey we come to the Butterfly house, a further must see on the island. There are gorgeous butterflies to admire, even settling on our clothes and heads. After wonderful hours on the island, we cycle back to the hotel, where we look forward to a refreshing shower. In the evening we walk along the promenade of Konstanz and eat fresh fish from Lake Constance in a very good restaurant.

Zeppelin in sight

Today we start early, because we have chosen a longer tour and want to cycle in the morning. One of the good things about the Lake Constance tour is that we can always travel with the ferry. All the vouchers needed for this have been provided in the information brochure. The first thing on the schedule is the ferry ride from Konstanz to Meersburg, then we start cycling. We cycle along Lake Constance on beautiful paths through vineyards and the towns of Hagnau and Immenstaad to Friedrichshafen. On the way we see a zeppelin flying over Lake Constance again and again. In Friedrichshafen, of course, we have to visit the Zeppelin Museum so that we can take a look inside a zeppelin. After a little refreshment and a short walk along the promenade with a view of Friedrichshafen's Moleturm, we get back on the saddle and cycle through lush orchards and past colourful allotment gardens.

Again and again we come across photo opportunities, dreamy places to linger and inviting beer gardens to give us energy for the coming kilometres. With so many impressions, our sense of time has left us. Unfortunately, we didn't read our documents carefully enough and, when we arrive in Lindau, we realise that there is no time left to explore the town: We have missed the fast ferry and therefore embark on a three-hour boat trip at 6 pm. But this is not as bad as we thought, because we are surprised with so many views that we are very happy to accept the longer crossing. On the upper deck of the ship, with a light breeze, a beer and an Aperol spritz, we marvel at the Lindau lighthouse and Pulverturn, the beautiful places where we dock and the dreamlike sunset. A change of plans that puts the icing on the cake of our cycling day.

Stilt houses with footbridge on Lake Constance
Stilt house at the lake

Palaeolithic dwellings - life as in the Stone Age

Everyone who googles Lake Constance knows the pictures of the lake dwellings. Today we have the opportunity to visit them and get an insight into the history of the people and how they lived back then. We start the drive there early in the morning again, as the weather forecast again predicts up to 34 degrees Celsius. The first short section of our journey is now already familiar to us. We make our way to Wallhausen. There we are the only ones waiting for the crossing to Überlingen, but we are also early. When we arrive in Unteruhldingen, we visit the Lake Dwelling Museum. It impresses us to look at the cultural-historical changes in the Lake Constance region. I would argue that in this case pictures say more than words.

As the temperature climbs extremely high, we decide without further ado to find a nice spot on the lake and refresh ourselves. The water is fantastic, it was a good decision. We end the evening with a cosy meal and a glass of wine. It is our last day in Konstanz.

Couple in front of Rhine Falls

Waterfall Stein am Rhein

Our last day has arrived, the day of the journey home. My husband and I return the bikes to Radweg-Reisen this morning and fetch our car. In order not to miss the famous Rhine Falls, we decide to make the trip there by car while we are still in the area. We park a bit above the falls and walk down the path, which offers a great view. Once at the bottom, we see the mighty masses of water cascading down, right next to the town of Stein am Rhein.

Rhine Falls

Wild boat ride at the Rhine Falls

Small boats take different routes below the waterfall at short intervals and we decide to buy tickets. It's going to be a wild ride. Just as my father has swapped places with me so that I can take nicer photos, the boatman takes us very close to the raging water. As he presumably wanted, a good gush of water spills into the boat. My seatmates and I get a nice load. The photos and videos are spectacular! The trip lasts about 20 minutes and is a real experience, everyone is thrilled.

On our way home, we make a stop at the Ammersee. By chance we find a very nice place and enjoy the last cosy hours together under chestnut trees. We talk about the great experiences of the last few days. Once again unforgettable. Where will we go next year?

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