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A culinary cycle tour through the Palatinate

Feasting and cycling your way through the german tuscany!

Pause inmitten von Weinbergen bei der Radtour Drei Kaiserdome am Rhein

You could almost be fooled by the chameleon that is Germany and think you are actually in beautiful Italy. Because blooming almond trees, the exotic sight of kiwi plants and the beguiling scent of ripe figs are not immediately associated with the Federal Republic. That is precisely why the Palatinate is one of the most popular cycling regions in southern Germany.

We would particularly like to recommend the Palatinate as a cycling destination for the foodies and culinary experts among you. Because as Johann Wolfgang van Goethe rightly said, life is too short to drink bad wine, and who can resist a good meal? Embark on a journey with us that will impress you on both a culinary and cultural level.

Pause inmitten von Weinbergen bei der Radtour Drei Kaiserdome am Rhein

Life without Riesling is possible – but boring!

Did you know that the Palatinate is the largest wine growing region for Riesling in the world? The most popular grape variety in the Palatinate is grown and cultivated on around 6,000 hectares. With a lot of success, you might think, because after all, the Palatinate and Riesling belong together like Bavaria and Weißwurst.

That is why our cycling trips such as the Palatinate Wine Tour, or Neckar, Rhein & Vines trigger real enthusiasm among our wine-loving guests.

From poor man’s food to the Chancellor’s favourite dish

When you go on a trip to the Palatinate, you can’t avoid trying a dish that might not immediately catch you eye: we are talking about the ‘Pfälzer Saumagen’ (Palatinate pig’s stomach). But even if the name is not particularly appetising, as is often the case in life, it’s what’s inside that’s important. Basically, the Plälzer Saumagen is a king of coarse sausage, which consists of pork, potatoes, sausage meat and aromatic spices. Whether served cold or warm, the Saumagen is THE speciality of the Palatinate and can be found on almost every menu in the region.

Radweg durch die Pfälzer Weinregion

Delicacies lining the cycle path

But no matter where you go in the Palatinate, the best food is always provided. For example, the sporty Palatinate cycle tour takes you to Neustadt an der Weinstraße, where you should not only try the excellent wines, but also the heavenly ‘Dampfnudeln’ with wine sauce. When visiting the cathedral city of Speyer on the tour Speyer – Heidelberg – Worms, you should allow yourself enough time to indulge in the specialties of the region. ‘Flääschknepp’ (meat dumplings with horseradish sauce), grumbeersupp with Quetschekuche (potato and plum cake) and Kesselfleesch are just a few of the culinary temptations you will find in the Palatinate. And a glass of ‘Neie Woi’ (new wine) and the menu is perfect! Tuck in!

Weinverkostung nach einem schönen Radtag

What you might not know about the Palatinate:

  • The famous Palatinate truffles are not really truffles, but rather black, pickled walnuts. You need to try them!
  • Around 80 different types of fruit and vegetables are grown and harvested in the Palatinate. Due to the mild climate, even kiwis, lemons, figs and melons thrive here!

  • The favourite dish of the late Chancellor Helmut Kohl was Pfälzer Saumagen. In the 80s and 90s he received all that a place in world politics offers but always served his guests Pfälzer Saumagen.
  • It will come as no surprise to read that wine consumption in the Palatinate is among the highest in Germany. Well, if you’re sitting at the source…

Do you count yourself as a foodie among cyclists and are not averse to a good glass of wine? Then the Palatinate is the right destination for you! Get in touch with us now! We will be happy to help you book your culinary cycling holiday in the Palatinate!