Cycle tours in the picturesque Provence


Much Prettier than just on the Postcard

Provence is admired by many tourists from all over the world as the place with France’s nicest landscape. Violet lavender fields, dark grey limestone rocks and deep blue sea – a colourful explosion! That’s Provence. We are sure: at the end of your bike tour with Eurobike you will have established that Southern France really is so much nicer than it is on a postcard.

Popular cycle tours in the Provence

Pope palace

Cycling Through Lavender Fields - Pure Fascination

You can almost say that the landscape in southern France is stereotyped - if you were not to be standing right in front of it with your own eyes. The blooming lavender flows to and fro in the wind, which makes the pleasant, fresh smell get caught in the air. Just like a fine perfume, you will sense it at the end of your nose, whilst you are cycling along the edge of the lush fields. As if from a picture book, you will cycle through small and large towns on your cycle holiday, which are always worth a stop in! Montpellier, Avignon, and Marseille – even just the sound of their names starts to make you dream. Along the lively streets on lots of the stages you can have a look at the impressive buildings in Provence:

  • St. Pierre Cathedral in Montpellier
  • "Little Venice" in Sète
  • The Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourvière in Lyon
  • Tournon Castle

Provence Seduces People to Try Their Sweet and Hearty Delicacies

Whilst on a leisurely stroll across one of the four markets in Provence it will quickly become clear that the preparation of the food is celebrated as much as the eating of it. Only the best ingredients from regional produce make their way into a French saucepan. That’s probably why Bouillabaisse, Aioli and Ratatouille taste so good. Imagine that combined with a glass of fruity rosé whilst sitting on the terrace of your country hotel with no worries about planning the next day’s cycling.

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