A cycling holiday in Burgundy


Wine – probably the most common answer to the question: What do you think of when we mention the French region of Burgundy? The Eurobike customer who chooses to cycle in this beautiful province, will soon find some new answers. Read here why you should venture onto a cycle tour in Burgundy, which tours we have on offer and which wine should be your new favourite variety.

Canal du Nivernais

Perfect cycle paths passing bright yellow rapeseed fields

Dreamy castles, picturesque vineyards, green fields, your bike and you. This is the scenery of our cycle tours in the fairytale landscape of Burgundy. Cycle along one of the many canals and rivers that flow through this region. Meet wonderful villages and charming towns on the edge of the cycle path, spend the night in charming hotels near the vineyards, taste the phenomenal wine of the region and enjoy the delicious Burgundy cuisine.

Our most beautiful cycle tour in Burgundy

Cyclists in the vineyards


The beautiful area around Beaune is the setting for our popular cycle tour in Burgundy. Experience authentic France as you cycle through the vineyards of the region and let yourself be spoiled.

  • Here you will find everything you need to know about the cycle tour in Burgundy.

Useful information about your cycling holiday in Burgundy

Biking in the wine region Burgund

The climate in Burgundy

In spring, when everything blooms in Burgundy, cycling is particularly beautiful. The temperatures can reach 20 degrees. Even in summer, the weather in Burgundy is perfect for us cyclists, as it is not too hot. Although it is pleasantly warm and sunny, you should not expect temperatures of up to 40 degrees. Burgundy is particularly beautiful in Autumn, when the vineyards glisten with colour and the new wines are proudly presented. Look forward to a pleasant temperature in a beautiful setting.

Slugs along the cycle path in the Burgund

The Burgundy cuisine

Burgundy, alongside some other French regions, is considered a representative of nouvelle cuisine. Light, fresh dishes with a lot of elegance and sophistication are here rigueur. And some Burgundy products and dishes are world famous. Take, for example, the most famous mustard in the world – Dijon mustard, named after the capital of Burgundy. Be sure to try the fabulous Escargots de Bourgogne – snails with herb butter, served with fresh baguette. Or pouchouse – fish poached in a white wine with vegetables. You can expect many more delicacies!

Did you know…

  • …that Burgundy accounts for only 3% of the wine growing area of France?
  • …that the mist expensive bottle of wine in the world came from Burgundy?
  • …that Dijon mustard is not a protected brand, just a recipe?
  • …that the Burgundy wine region is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
Wonderful views to wine rebs in Burgundy

Perfectly organised cycle tours in Burgundy

You can entrust the employees of Eurobike with the organisation of your cycling holiday with confidence! Because we know how to advise our guests, book stylish hotels, provide you with perfect travel documents, bring your luggage on time to the next accommodation and provide you with well-maintained rental bikes. In addition, you can reach us in an emergency 7-days a week on our service hotline.

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