Questions and answers about your safe active holidays

Enjoy a safe, risk-free and flexible active holiday

A number of questions can arise before and during a tour. Especially due to the current conditions and ongoing changes, there are always uncertainties about an active trip. We have summarised the most frequently asked questions for you and give you the answers.


Do you have another question or are you unsure about booking your trip? We in the Eurobike team are happy to help. Don't hesitate to contact us!


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We continuously adapt the programmes for our cycle tours to the current conditions. Please take a look at our website, which is updated daily. Our team is of course always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please pack a mask that covers your nose and mouth and sufficient disinfectant.

With our Complete-Safety-Package, you can book your Eurobike Original Tour or your Eurofun Quality Tour for 2021 without any worries. We definitely recommend that you take out travel insurance with our cooperation partner Allianz Global Assistance. Read more about this above or contact our customer advisors for further details.

Our cooperation partner Allianz Global Assistance offers a variety of insurance packages – we recommend taking a plan that includes cancellation coverage as well as for travel disruption caused by coronavirus. You can read more about this on our travel insurance page.

You will find the information for the respective tour in the catalogue or on our website. You will also find all of our Eurobike Original Tours here. In case of doubt, our customer advisors are always available to answer your questions.

Please inform yourself about the current regulations and entry requirements for your planned destination. On this page of the European Union website you will find numerous details for travellers on the subject of health, general regulations, quarantine regulations or regulations in restaurants in your destination. Our customer advisors are always happy to provide you with information about your active holiday.

We always react to new travel warnings or restrictions and adapt our routes whenever possible. This can apply, for example, to cross-border train journeys. In these cases, an alternative, equivalent tour route will be worked out to guarantee you a pleasant travel experience. Please understand if there are changes here and there. For further details, please contact our customer advisors.

If a travel warning is issued for your destination, you can of course rebook or cancel your trip at any time free of charge.

You can rebook Eurobike Original Tours and Eurofun Quality Tours with the Complete-Safety-Package up to 4 weeks before arrival to later date or alternative travel destination.

With our Complete-Safety-Package, you can rebook your booked trip up to four weeks before arrival to a later desired date or to an alternative destination. If your flight cancellation is within four weeks prior to arrival, please contact our travel specialists to find a satisfactory solution.

The deposit can simply remain in place if you change your booking. We immediately assign this to the new booking and the amount remains available for the new booking.

Each registered traveller can be replaced by a suitable third party (see §7 PRG, particularly section V. 1-4 of travel conditions) no later than 7 days before the start of the trip and transfer the contract to a person who fulfils all contract conditions. If a replacement person takes the place of an original traveller, this does not affect the original contract. Both original traveller and the replacement are responsible for any outstanding amounts. EUR 50 per person will be charged for rebooking.

You are welcome to leave the payment you have already made for a trip at a later date. Alternatively, a refund will of course be made on request.

As we work from home in a limited way and to halt the spread of COVID-19, your refund might be delayed. However, we try to process every request as quickly as possible. We ask for your understanding.

The protection of customer payments is 100% guaranteed in the event of the tour operator’s insolvency. If the tour operator or, if applicable, the travel agent becomes insolvent after the commencement of the package tour and transport is part of the package tour, then return transport of travellers is guaranteed. Read all details about how we secure customer funds in our terms and conditions of travel.

If you present a positive COVID-19 certificate, you can cancel your trip free of charge. We definitely recommend that you take out travel insurance with our partner Allianz Global Assistance. Please contact our customer advisors for further details.

In principle, rebooking/cancellation free of charge is not possible. With our Complete-Safety-Package, you can rebook your booked trip free of charge up to four weeks before arrival to a later date or alternative destination. In this case, we recommend taking out travel insurance with our partner Allianz Global Assistance in order to cover any cancellation costs.

Please wear mouth and nose protection and follow the distancing rules. The employees of the respective transport companies are trained accordingly and are happy to help you with any questions. Please check the transport company’s website for more details.

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The ships can be fully occupied, provided that they allow for minimum distance to be observed (there may be staggered restaurant times/windows).

In the event of a suspected case on board, the passenger will be immediately accommodated in a designated cabin and tested for COVID-19. If the test result is positive, the responsible authorities on site will decide how to proceed.

Questions from our guests during the tour

Our tour guides are already looking forward to meeting you. They are aware of the hygiene regulations and are familiar with the regulations to be observed in the destination. Continuous availability by mobile phone is guaranteed at all times.

In keeping with the important safety- and distance measures, personal information meetings are planned for the active travel season 2021. You are of course welcome to contact your tour supervisor on site at any time with questions.

Please contact our customer advisors. They will adapt your active trip individually and in consultation with you (additional nights, transfers, early return home, return to the starting point etc.).

Please contact our local staff on site. Our team will help you organise your trip home. Of course, you can also always reach our customer advisors.

Please contact our on site supervisor. In this case, our on site team will be happy to provide you with further information.

If the typical symptoms of coronavirus, such as a dry cough, tiredness or fever occur, please contact the country-specific health authority (e.g. in Austria: Health Hotline 1450). Here you will find precise recommendations for action and information about the next steps. Please be sure to reduce contact with others and, if possible, go into quarantine.

In this case, please contact our customer advisors as soon as possible. They will inform you about the next steps. We definitely recommend you take out travel insurance with our partner Allianz Global Assistance.

Our Eurobike tour guides are aware of the important hygiene regulations and observe them accordingly.

Please wear mouth and nose protection for all transfers. Our shuttle drivers are familiar with the necessary regulations in the holiday destination, wear mouth and nose protection and have disinfectant available.

Questions about the accommodation

The hotels and accommodation have developed appropriate measures that comply with the government’s hygiene measures and distancing rules. For example, the seat spacing in dining rooms is increased or breakfast is served at the table rather than with a buffet. Disinfectants and social distancing rules are often additional measures taken for your safety.

Of course, more attention is paid to cleanliness when cleaning the rooms.

If a guest experiences corona symptoms, the country-specific health authority will be informed immediately (e.g. in Austria via the Health Hotline 1450). The health authority will initiate the necessary procedure to determine if it is indeed COVID-19 and the source of the infection. Contact persons are identified and given instructions. These measures start when an infection is suspected. If the COVID-19 test result is negative, the measures are terminated. In general, sick guests, unless admission to hospital is medically necessary, remain in quarantine in the accommodation. The responsible medical officer will decide on a case-by-case basis whether the guest is allowed to return home.

Each hotel and accommodation handle the restaurant, including breakfast, individually, but always in compliance with the appropriate hygiene measures and regulations. For example, the seat spacing in dining rooms is increased or breakfast is served at the table rather than with a buffet. Disinfectants and social distancing rules are often additional measures taken for your safety.

Please contact the hotel team on site and find out about opening times of facilities. Hygiene and distancing rules apply.

You will be informed of any fixed reservation times etc. upon your arrival at the hotel.

Please contact the hotel team on site and find out about possible opening times and closures of facilities. Hygiene and distancing rules apply.

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