All about our immune system

Our invisible protective shield

Everyone has one, we all need it, but most of the time we don’t even know it’s there – that’s a good thing, because it means that it works well. We’re talking about the immune system. It’s only when this inner protective shield doesn’t function properly that we realise how important it really is.

The good thing about it – we are all able to strengthen our immune system and defend ourselves against pathogens that cause illness. A strong immune system can recognise intruders such as bacteria and viruses at an early stage and generate antibodies that then fight the pathogens. But did you know that the majority of our immune cells mainly live in the intestines? And what do cycle tours have to do with our immune systems? Find out a lot of interesting information here that can help you strengthen your immune system.

Sleeping woman

Strength lies in rest

Sufficient sleep is not only good for our minds and makes us friendlier people, it is also extremely good for the immune system. As our cells regenerate during sleep, so do the immune cells. After all, you know yourself, a sleep deficit doesn’t exactly have a positive effect on our mood, performance or our concentration. And this is how to imagine immune cells. Because if you sleep too little, your body loses important time for self-regeneration and is therefore more susceptible to bacteria, viruses etc. Our motto is: you can never sleep enough!


You are what you eat

Unfortunately, it is hardly possible to eat healthily if your nose is already running, the cough sounds like a dog’s bark and the body temperature continues to rise. You can do something good for your body in advance by supporting it with minerals, vitamins and trace elements to build a strong immune system. The best known-helpers of the immune system are undoubtedly vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D and E. But zinc and selenium, as well as so-called secondary plant substances are said to have a positive effect on the immune system. But where are these vitamins and trace minerals found? In addition to broccoli, citrus fruits, nuts, cabbage and mushrooms, herbal teas and garlic are also among the absolute superfoods. These foods are particularly rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. In general, however, it is important to eat a colourful mix with lots of fruit, vegetables, proteins and healthy grains.

Did you know the body can produce vitamin D itself with the help of sunlight? Go out into the sunshine and do something good for yourself and your body. But be careful not to get sunburn!

Cycle break at Lake Mattsee

Take it easy – no stress

It could be a well-intentioned tip from a friend: ‘Please, don’t stress yourself!’. It has been proven that long-term stress is neither good for our body nor for our mind and can even noticeably impair our immune system. That is why we should make sure we give our bodies necessary relaxation. You can do this by taking a short break from daily life, such as with a cycle tour, through relaxation exercises or yoga. But everyone knows what is good for them. Find out for yourself and always keep the balance between stress and relaxation in a healthy range – your immune system will thank you.

Legs while cycling

Always keep moving…

…because you’ll get rusty if you stop. And so does our immune system. If you keep moving regularly and do light endurance sports, not only do you train your muscles, but also your immune system. In addition to jogging and swimming, cycling is also ideal for this – no kidding! Because these sports keep the body in moderate motion and are perceived by us as relaxation. This relieves our stress and our body releases adrenaline via exercise. This hormone causes our immune cells to multiply faster and move more actively.

Fruit salad

Leave bad habits behind

What better time to leave bad habits behind than at the beginning of the year? The three habits that hurt our immune system the most are undoubtedly tobacco, alcohol and a poor diet. So if you want to strengthen your immune system for the cold season and generally want to do something good for your body, you should throw the cigarette butts in the bin, avoid large amounts of alcohol and try to eat as healthy and natural as possible.

Make your stomach rumble at times

Anyone who opts for the intermittent fasting diet is not only doing something good for their waistline, but also for their immune system. Because regular meal breaks stimulate the body to clean itself, which in turn is good for our health and immune system. After about twelve hours without ingesting food, the body begins to clean out, cleanse and renew its cells. This process is called autophagy. Keep this in mind the next time your stomach rumbles. Then it is immediately easier to ignore the hunger for a few hours.

In times like these it is so important to look out for your immune system! Stay healthy!

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