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Cycling in the cold season

where there's a will, there's a way

Many a die-hard cyclist certainly knows the feeling of emptiness and longing for their bike in winter. Spring is longed for impatiently and at night you dream of your first ride on two wheels. You may also have found yourself going into the garage to check up on your bike. Do you feel like we’re talking to you? OK then! Because we have good news for you – here are a few ideas that will help you enjoy cycling in winter and shorten the waiting time for the 2021 cycling season!

Good clothing is half the battle

If you want to get on your bike in winter, it is extremely important to have the right equipment and clothing. The optimal cycling clothing should warm you, but not overheat. Note that the movement will make you warm anyway. Therefore, a ski suit would not only hinder your freedom of movement but would probably be too warm. But let’s start one by one. We recommend a thin hat under your bike helmet, which protects the head from heat loss and also warms the ears as they are exposed to the wind. Also recommended are tube scarves, which not only protect the neck from the cold, but can also be pulled up over your nose if the wind is particularly cold.

The onion method

For sport on cold days, it is advisable to go for the famous onion look. It is also very important to wear tight clothing. If you wear baggy trousers and jackets, cold air could get into your clothes. Tight-fitting cycling shorts and jackets do not allow this to happen and can better store the heat that the body gives off through movement. As already mentioned, you should make sure that you are warmed up but not overheated, that your clothing is wind and water repellent and that sweat is quickly absorbed. It is also always advisable to choose clothing in bright colours with reflectors. Because especially in the grey season you shouldn’t be missed by cars. Also protect your back from cold temperatures and mare sure that it is not exposed as you move. Because you can catch a cold quicker than you think. And your eyes should also be protected from the cold wind. So put on sunglasses – the biggest you can find!

If the feet are warm, everything is warm

Don’t you feel the same? Cold feed can bring about an abrupt end to a beautiful cycle tour. Therefore, when buying socks, you should make sure to buy really good ones. Merino wool socks keep you warm. Often the socks are reinforced on the toes and heels, so that the cold doesn’t stand a chance. And if you are really sensitive to the cold, we recommend that you put foot protection over your shoes. It is the same with the hands. The wind makes cold temperatures feel even colder. It is therefore essential to use gloves that keep the wind out.

Your winter-proof bike…

…should be checked for cycling ability before every trip. Check whether the brakes, gears and lights are working properly. Set the saddle 1-2cm lower than usual because then you can get off faster when it’s slippery. It would also be good if you reduce the tire pressure a little – this gives you better traction. Wider tires with a deeper profile also ensure better grip and a safer ride.

Exercise caution!

It is especially important to cycle carefully in winter as the roads can be slippery. The leaves on the streets make the ground slippery and fog and darker conditions make It difficult for cars to see you. The top priority is therefore to cycle carefully. Always keep enough distance from other vehicles or bikes in the event that they brake suddenly, as the breaking distances are longer on slippery or wet surfaces. Therefore, you should always brake very gently and, if possible, with the rear brake. Please also make sure to take turns slowly and as straight as possible, because the risk of slipping is greater in winter. And when you see slippery parts of the road ahead of you, try not to pedal or break if possible.

Please always take care of yourself and consider seriously whether the weather allows you to ride your bike safely. We are very much looking forward to seeing you on one of our cycle tours in spring!

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