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Escape everyday life and come aboard

6 reasons for a Bike & Boat holiday
Ship MS Patria exterior view

Do you believe that during a cycling holiday you do not get to see enough different places? Eurobike will convince you today that the opposite is true! Have you ever contemplated the combination of a Bike & Boat holiday? With this special way of travelling you discover new, lovely scenery and towns every day. Whilst you enjoy your daily cycling tour, your luggage is carried along by boat, where in the evening a warm room, dinner, loads of relaxation and a comfortable bed at night awaits. We are certain: at the end of this article you will definitely want to look into one of these boats!

Ship MS Patria exterior view

Reason 1: The hotel floats along

Whilst you relax in the comfortable cabin, your chosen boat takes you to your next stop of the tour. That way you arrive effortlessly at the most stunning spots of the route. The start of the cycling tours could not be more comfortable: starting directly from your ‘floating hotel’. Wake up with a different view each day – this definitely ensures fantastic variety.

Reason 2: ‘Birds of a feather flock together’

Relax properly at the end of the daily tour on the sun deck on one of our larger vessels. Be sure that other cycling holiday-makers will want to join you, since the comfortable sun terrace is a marvellous place to exchange holiday experiences. And who knows – perhaps you even embark on a tour together the next day. Cycling friends are easily made aboard, both on deck and below deck.

Cyclists on the Danube in front of Schönbühel Castle

Reason 3: Collect countless impressions

Some people prefer to collect experiences to things. If you are one of them: Ahoy and welcome to one of the Bike & Boat holidays! Enjoy a different spectacular panorama at any time, relish the lapping sound of the water and feel a sense of freedom like never before. Tempted to set sail with one of the captains? For cyclists seeking enjoyment and adventure we recommend booking the West Frisian Tidelands aboard the traditional sailing boat.

Ship MS Carpe Diem external view

Reason 4: Experience the elements up close

Feel a pleasant breeze on your face, the refreshing water and embark on cycle tours on various terrains on this planet: experience the force of the elements during a Eurobike-Bike & Boat Holiday. If we awoke enthusiasm in you for such a holiday, then they say: Cast off and onwards to the next breathtaking scenery!

Cyclists in front of MS Allure

Reason 5: Holidays for all cycling levels

What is your preferred level of cycling?

  • As a casual cyclist you embark on a tour now and again and prefer rather flat terrain.
  • As a joy-cyclist you use your bike a bit more often but still prefer comfortable routes.
  • As a holiday-cyclist you already count the days until your next cycling holiday and make sure you keep fit for the tour during the weeks before.

Regardless of your level, whether you are a beginner, are advanced or a cycling professional – we offer Bike & Boat holidays to suit nearly all levels of expertise. Simply browse and click away – you are guaranteed to find your perfect route too.


Reason 6: Perfectly organised from A to Z

Who does not want to relax when on holidays and simply switch off. With Eurobike Bike & Boat holidays you do not have to worry about anything, since the crew on shore and aboard comply with your every wish. All you should do is: simply relax and leave all your cares behind and look forward to your next shore leave. In case of any questions: our team is always on hand to advise you with any queries you might have, be it regarding tour information or helpful tips – the team is always on standby for you.

Ship MS Quo Vadis

Do you fancy a holiday now? The Eurobike Team are looking forward to welcome you soon on one of the highly-equipped and well-provided vessels!

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