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Gift ideas for cyclists

Help santa get it right!

Give Santa a helping hand and make your loved ones happy with these ingenious gift ideas! Do you have cycling pros or passionate pedal pushers in the family? Perfect! The Eurobike team has done the thinking for you. Whether a light, a mobile phone holder or perfect picnic bag, these gifts will please any cyclist!

A light for the bike

Those who love their bike will rarely leave it behind. Especially those who cycle to work or who can’t go without their beloved bicycle on holiday. There is the original gift: flashlights for the handlebar or saddle. So the cyclist is not only more visible in the dark and in fog, but they can also use the light as an indicator. These lights are easily attached to the seat post or handlebar handles, making cycling a lot safer!

Here you will find more tips and information about cycling safety.

Mobile phone holder for the bicycle

Do you have trouble remembering the route? Holding a phone while cycling is not the solution, and it’s far too dangerous! How about using a mobile phone holder for the handlebar? It costs little and the phone can be used as a satnav.

Incidentally, the practical Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour-App with GPS data for navigation is available on all original Eurobike tours!

Bike accessories

Does your loved one want to give their bike that something special? Give them saddle covers! Whether adorned with tropical flowers, cowhide or a fried egg – there is the perfect print for all tastes. In addition – eye-catching bells with unique noises are the perfect way to pimp your bike. Let your creativity run wild!

A picnic bag for cycle tours

Time for two – is this on your plan next year? Is your idea of the perfect holiday grabbing your bike and cycling across the countryside with your favourite person? Then give your sweetheart a handy picnic bag for their bike. Everything is stored compactly, from crockery to cutlery and glasses to delicious food. Hitch it to the luggage rack and off you go!

A Eurobike gift coupon

Are your friends and relatives enthusiastic cyclists? Give them a holiday to remember with our gift coupons. Then they can choose the destination to explore themselves. Order the gift coupons on time to receive it before Christmas.

Were these great suggestions? Perfect! Then Christmas can come! Speaking of bike trips: Feel inspired as you click through the Eurobike holiday offers!

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