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How to recognise a quality cycle path

The most beautiful cycling routes with maximum safety
Elbe Cycle Path in Bad Schandau

“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike” – humming this tune cycling enthusiasts all over the world take to cycle paths. Whether along the ‘beautiful blue Danube’, through picturesque Bavaria or along the coasts of Ireland, Spain or Scotland - cycle paths are everywhere. Most quality bike trails can be found in Central European countries. These trails characterised by their route, signage and infrastructure. And what’s always comes first? Security. On quality bike paths this is never in short supply!

Elbe Cycle Path in Bad Schandau

The criteria for a quality cycle path

Imagine this: you cycle 260km past apricots, wine, memorable Roman towers, imposing castles and idyllic gardens. In between you take a short break in a cosy tavern. Every few metres you will find helpful signs that show you the distances. The Danube Cycle Path – which we just described – is a quality cycle path. But what makes it so?

Criteria for a quality cycle path:

  • Few confusing parts and bottlenecks
  • Priority for cyclists on the path
  • Wide lanes, which also allow for overtaking
  • Cyclist-friendly businesses along the route
  • Optimal road surface
  • Adequate lighting
  • Path off the road

The Danube Cycle Path was awarded four stars for excellence by the ADFC.

Popular quality cycle paths

Along the danube cycle paths

The star among the cycle routes: The Danube Cycle Path

The route runs from Passau or Schärding to Vienna as you follow the beautiful blue Danube. You travel through the legendary Nibelungengau, where many a powerful king and emperor made his forays. On your bike tour you will get to know the historical significance of this time-honoured trade route. The cycle tour from Eurobike offers you two entry points: either in Passau or Schärding am Inn. Culture and enjoyment are not lacking in either.

Set off on one of the most beautiful quality cycle paths in Europe – and enjoy the comfort and safety of the certified path!

Do you appreciate excellent cycle routes, a strong infrastructure and the best signage? Then cycle on a quality path and experience the countryside on two wheels!

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