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What happens when I start exercising?

Go through life happy, active and healthy with exercise
Hiker enjoys the panoramic view

Many of us have a hectic daily life, as well as social obligations to deal with. Often you only get to sit down in the evening and enjoy a brief moment for yourself. Suddenly you notice that the only movement that day was walking from the car to the office and back again. Do you know this situation? Often it is just comfort that keeps you on the couch and whispers to your inner devil: “Stay on the couch, there’s always tomorrow!”

Hiker enjoys the panoramic view

But we at Eurobike will tell you today how important, beneficial and invigorating regular exercise is in everyday life and tell you what happens to the body when you start exercising. Because even short bursts of sports have an extremely positive effect on our lives and our precious health. Are you still a couch potato? Then be sure to read on and find out what will happen to your body when you start exercising today.

Sport as a silver bullet

Regular exercise in the fresh air is a real blessing not only for our health, but also for our general well-being. The good intentions are there, and you usually have the ideal equipment for sport at home, but suddenly you have thoughts such as: today is really too warm for cycling… it rained yesterday, so I can’t go hiking… tomorrow is Sunday, I deserve a break… my sports clothes are in the wash. Yes, you can always find a reason to postpone exercise. Just put on your sportswear and get started, you will reap the rewards. The feeling after exercising is unique, doing something good for yourself and your body and feeling fresh and revitalized, really wonderful! So, what are you waiting for? Discover the miracle cure sport for yourself – your body and your mind will thank you for it.

Regular exercise is healthy

There are many advantages to regular physical activity – ideally in the fresh air. It has been scientifically proven that sustained exercise lowers our blood pressure and blood sugar, boosts blood circulation and, as a result, our fat metabolism, strengthens our muscles and bones and outdoor exercise also builds our vitamin D reserves. Added to this are the numerous psychological benefits, such as activating our relaxation mode, reducing stress hormones, increasing concentration and one thing in particular – the mood-lifting effect, which can also improve depressive moods. And did you know that even half an hour of exercise a day can achieve this positive effect?

What else sport does for the body

But what happens in our body when we exercise regularly. We have already mentioned numerous physical and psychological benefits above. But this unique wonder cure has a lot more good things to offer than we can possibly imagine:

  • Sport makes you smart: Regular exercise is not only good for our blood circulation, it also dilates our arteries, which means that our brain can be better supplied with oxygen and our performance, concentration and creativity are improved.
  • Sport as a source of happiness: After a hectic day, sport helps clear your head, reduces stress and releases feelings of unhappiness. Why not try it out yourself to see how meditative sport can be! And did you know that after just 30 minutes of exercise, a lot of happy feelings are released?
  • Sport as a natural anti-aging agent: Yes, sport really keeps you young! According to a study by the Medical Centre at Stanford University in California, sustained exercise slows down the aging process in our bodies. Additionally, there is the improved oxygen supply to our cells, which has a particularly positive effect on the complexion.

  • Improving sleep quality: According to a study by the National Sleep Foundation in America, 83% of those surveyed said they observed an improvement in deep sleep through exercise.
  • Sport can be so diverse: It is entirely up to you which sport you choose. Whether you prefer individual cycling and using the healthiest means of transport for more energy, or discover the most beautiful regions in Europe while on an individual hiking holiday – the main thing is the exercise.
  • Sport is climate friendly: Aside from all the powerful arguments we already mentioned, cycling, hiking, running or sports such as Pilates and more are climate and environmentally friendly. This is how we improve our health in a particularly climate-friendly way. Our planet will thank us!
  • Our tip: To avoid tension, it is advisable to massage the fascia with an appropriate fascia roller or fascia ball. It is very easy to do from home and beneficial after training. So you can start the next day feeling good.

Our conclusion:

Just moving through hiking, cycling or running - with sport life becomes even more worth living. Even short bursts of sport bring momentum and well-being into daily life and ensure lasting health. And if you don’t feel like it – just don’t think too long about it, put on your sports clothes and go for a well-deserved cycling holiday with luggage transfer with Eurobike across Europe.

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