The tasks of a ship’s captain

Bow, stern, port and starboard – these words are well known to a captain.

Ship ahoy! All hands on deck and cast off! These phrases are well known to everyone. You can hear those phrases for yourself as you set sail on a Eurobike combination trip. Bike and boat tours are in demand and bring travel-hungry people safely and comfortably to their end destination. So your time aboard runs smoothly and that holiday feeling never leaves, a good team is needed. Above all, a well trained captain!

But what are the captain’s tasks aboard the vessel? What education has he or she received and what exactly do they do all day? The Eurobike team did some research and looked behind the scenes of a ship. Let your curiosity run free and learn all there is to know about the job of a ship’s captain!

Welcome briefing at the boat Ave Maria

A captain’s first priority – safety first!

On all Eurobike bike and boat trips, passenger safety is paramount for the captain. He or she is responsible for ensuring that the crew, guests and of course the ship are not damaged. In addition, the captain is responsible for the smooth operation of the ship and ensures that all passengers arrive at their destination port on time.

At the beginning of each voyage passengers are given a safety briefing on how to behave in an emergency to ensure they are prepared if anything happens. In addition, under the direction of the captain, the crew informs guests where to find lifejackets and how to use them. The emergency exits and lifeboats are also shown to everyone.

Captain of MS Allure

Watching with eagle eyes

The main tasks of a ship’s captain are to direct the crew and ensure all work on board is completed. He is also responsible for keeping the logbook. On the bridge the captain determines the route with the aid of technical instruments. If he or she notices something unusual, they discuss the situation with their officer. If the ship’s journey takes longer, a ship’s captain also needs well-founded knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering. A sound understanding of customs regulations is also important.

And of course there are a few chats with guests during the daily walk on board.

fixing the boat

How do you become a ship’s captain?

So they can navigate the high seas, all captains have to complete training as a navigator. However, to be admitted to a maritime school at all, training as a ship mechanic is a prerequisite. At the school, a prospective captain is then trained for another two years as a certified technician. After completing the training, they get the title of deck officer. In order to qualify for the rank of captain, all sailors must have three years of professional experience as an officer. Ultimately eventually taking the role of captain!

Are you ready to hop on board? Maybe not as the captain, but book a combination trip from Eurobike with bike and boat 2023 and you can at least chat with the captain on board!