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Touring bike versus e-bike

Advantages and disadvantages of the two types of wheels

The bike has been around for more than 200 years. The bicycle is an everyday companion for us. It is not only a convenient mode of transport in traffic, but also as sports equipment, a mountain hero, racing partner and hobby item. Do you appreciate the two-wheeler? Is your goal to sit behind the handlebars and enjoy the diversity of nature? Then you have understood the benefits! Now you’re just wondering which bike is best for your next adventure on two wheels? The team at Eurobike has summarised the advantages and disadvantages of the conventional touring bike and modern e-bikes for you.

One - nil for the touring bike

The touring bike is a bike for true pedal kings! Lighter, more manageable and therefore much more practical than the e-bike! Because if you find yourself standing in front of an embankment or stairs, you will be thankful to the touring bike. The conventional two-wheeler is much easier to shoulder than an e-bike. It’s not only a few pounds heavier, but also unwieldy in the frame geometry.

No loading times and no extra kilos to carry with you! Quite simply: if you travel under your own power, you do not need to carry a battery, let alone a spare battery. Without consideration and worry about how many kilometres remain you can cycle relaxed towards the goal. It’s also worth pedalling! If you compare the touring bike and the e-bike in terms of calorie consumption, the difference is clear. With the battery-powered bicycle, you only burn 200 kilocalories per hour. With a normal bike, it’s twice as many! In 60 minutes who will burn a whopping 400 kilocalories.

A goal for the e-bike

You aren’t a cycling pro, but you don’t want to miss exciting adventures and dreamlike views? Understandable! The electric motor-driven bike is just right for you. Optimal if you don’t want to work up too much of a sweat reaching your destination. With an impressive 25 kilometres per hour, you can cycle with an e-bike over hill and dale. Of course, there are also different variants for e-bikes. The electric bikes from Eurobike, for example, are pedal-assisted. This means that you have to pedal briefly to get away, and off you go.

Speaking of pedal assistance:

Depending on how much you cycle, you can travel up to 180 kilometres with the battery. This corresponds approximately to the distance between Linz and Prague, or between Munich and Stuttgart.

In case you would rather enjoy the view than pedal, you can exchange the reserve battery yourself.

Angelika and Sabine from Eurobike with their e-bikes on the Mur cycle path

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