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Travel story: Prosecco tour – based in one hotel

Late summer sun in Treviso

After four interesting seasons working at Eurobike, I was allowed to slip into my cycling shorts and enjoy for myself, the Prosecco tour – based in one hotel from Eurobike.

Italian flair, late summer sun and prosecco, what more could you want?

Day 1: An excursion to Treviso

On the first day we started at 10.30 from the autumnal Austria and headed south to Italy to recharge our vitamin D levels. We took the direct route to Treviso by bike, and arrived late in the afternoon. A short, easy leg to the trip. Meandering through the nice town with typical Italian lanes we started to get that holiday feeling. After a leisurely journey home of one hour, we were spoiled with a wonderful 4-course meal at the Country Hotel Relais Monaco. It’s just how I imagined my first day!

Day 2: The river Piave and its wine route

On day 2 we started the tour in late morning. Through typical Italian villages, past charming little houses. Here live the Gionannis and Pedros of Italy!

On part of the route we cycled along a dam and we realised why this area is called the land of wines and villas. Vineyards stretched as far as the eye could see, and on that day we saw a total of five cards – perfect for cyclists! Although the route passed through small villages, everything was very well described and we often smiled when we saw a Eurobike sticker. In the small Cimadolmo we drank a cappuccino before heading back to the hotel.

After a 70-kilometre day, the 4-course evening meal was well earned.

Day 3: An excursion to Castelfranco Veneto

With sunshine and 21 degree heat we started day three, cycling the first metres from the hotel through the vineyards. Towards the sun and in the direction of Castelfranco Veneto we cycled once again on well signposted and light traffic roads.

Of course, in the typical Italian city centre we enjoyed pizza and aperol. With sunglasses perched on the nose and an espresso in hand, you really feel like a local. We cycled along paths that could only be known by a local expert thanks to the Eurobike arrows.

After lunch we continued to Montebelluna past Villa Emo.

Hotel pool inside Day 4: A well-deserved rest day

On day 4 we enjoyed a spa day in the newly renovated spa area of the Hotel Relais Monaco. After cycling nearly 160 kilometres over the previous days, the beautiful indoor pool gave us a great opportunity to relax.

The sauna and indoor jacuzzi were perfect for a rainy day.

Fresh and relaxed, we left in the afternoon to visit Villa Emo: a beautiful country estate with great history. Through a wide paved path you could stroll to the villa and admire the numerous statues and flowerbeds in the Giardino Italiano.

hotel pool inside

Day 5: Cycling through the prosecco hills

On the fifth day we started cycling again and were picked up right on time by the friendly Marco, who drove us to the Prosecco area. After a quick espresso with Marco we started our tour into the fairytale Prosecco world.

Gentle hills, characterised by numerous grape vines and from time to time a small slope, which offered a nice change. The many quaint restaurants temped us in to taste. Of course we did not miss this chance. When in the prosecco region…

The restaurant recommended by our colleague Andreas was a very good tip, because the lunch was delicious and it had a classy ambiance. We ended our successful 60-kilometre day in the sunshine with a glass of prosecco in hand.

Day 6: Once again towards Treviso

On our last day we started with perfect cycling weather - 19 degrees and sunny – as we travelled towards Treviso.

Along the city wall we crossed the longest pike path we have ever seen. After a coffee break in Piazza Indipendenza we continued through small villages to Villa Corner della Regina, a luxury hotel.

The last turns of the wheel on this trip, accompanied by the autumn sun of Italy, brought us back to our feel-good hotel.

Holidays in Italy with a difference. Sport, culture, good food and prosecco! These were wonderful days with Eurobike just outside the city of Treviso.

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