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When one season ends, the next begins

What happens at eurobike in winter?
Eurobike employee cleans her workplace

What do you do over winter? This is a question we’re often asked here at Eurobike. We put our feet up and stuff our bellies with biscuits. No, that’s not how it is! For us, when the season ends the preparations for the next season are running at full speed – so we’re ready to give you a wonderful cycling holiday.

Eurobike employee cleans her workplace

After the season

Right at the beginning of winter, the past season is complete. When the station leaders return from their respective areas of operation, the finished season is discussed with them and equipment is put away. Then the office is made squeaky clean – we reach every last corner. Only when our desks are sparkling, do we embark on new season preparations.

Customer services – always there for you

As many of our guests are already planning their cycling holidays in winter, the Eurobike customer advisory team is already available to help and advise. From help on arrival and departure to tailor-made offers, everything is included. The cooperation between our partner hotels is also fixed and finalised. The included transfer trips, boat tickets, tactics etc. are discussed with the partners on site and the procedure is agreed.

Our early bird bonus ends on February 28th, so January and February hold lots of bookings for us. The majority of our guests decide very early on where they’ll go for their next cycling holiday.

When the first warm rays of sun shine through the window in March, we start equipping our employees with all the necessary materials on site. After detailed training, our station managers will be perfectly prepared and waiting to meet you.

Eurobike team

Product management – always on the go

Andreas, our product manager is always on the lookout for the most beautiful cycling regions and routes. With the support of Joscha the travel feedback from our guests is evaluated in winter. Taking into account these suggestions for improvement, tours are checked, travel documents are prepared and GPS data is updated. The wheels of the Eurobike machine work in perfect harmony so you are guaranteed a smooth cycling holiday.

Read here How we develope a cycle tour.

Product manager Andreas Schintlmeister

Marketing – always on the ball

The marketing team of Eurobike runs on full steam, even in winter. They are diligent in finding ways to inspire new and loyal customers to join us on active holidays by bike. Whether in magazines, online, youtube we would like to convey information about cycling holidays.

Our photo agency also has a lot to do in winter. Hundreds of pictures are collected over the year. These then have to be sifted through, assigned to the right tours and titled. No question, we love pictures of grapevines, sunflowers and sandy beaches so we feel like it’s summer again!

Two screens with the Eurobike homepage and photo editor

Guest relations – always on hand for help and advice

In autumn, our station managers and guest advisers will return from their destinations throughout Europe to Obertrum. The last season is discussed again and special incidents are analysed. Then we say goodbye to them for a winter break. But in the spring, while we still have snow, it’s important for our local staff to prepare for the new cycling season. During a two-day workshop, innovations are taught, wheels are tested, training is held on vehicles and trailers and we host a welcome talk. Then it starts again, and no matter where you are in Europe, there is always a colleague on site to help and assist you.

Eurobike station managers in the meeting room

Bike mechanic – the wheels are always turning

Last but not least, the most important thing: because you can only have an enjoyable cycling holiday with a good bike. That’s why Eurobike’s bike mechanics spend a lot of time on each bike during the winter and put it to the acid test. Chains, breaks, gears and tires are changed. With electric bikes, the batteries are checked and the capacity is revitalised. Yes, if necessary, even the whole motor unit is changed. Everything has to be perfectly maintained, so we can provide you with a smooth Eurobike rental bike for your journey.

Red bike on a bike stand for a tyre check

As you can see, the Eurobike team is not idle in winter so we can organise your perfect cycling holiday. Have you already decided which region you would like to cycle to this year? Our team is always at your disposal to answer any questions. Just get in touch.

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