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You must have seen this...

...in Holland
Red tulips in ‘Klompen’

Whether it is coast, country idyll or vibrant city life – the variety that Holland has to offer is easy to see. What’s more, there are certain attractions that those who go on a tour in the Netherlands should not miss out on. What are these? Read on to find out for yourself!

Red tulips in ‘Klompen’

5 reasons why Holland is a great destination for a cycle tour

  1. The Dutch cycle network has a length of 30,000km
  2. Holland is one of the five road-safest countries worldwide
  3. Relaxed cycling on flat terrain – perfect for the untrained
  4. The mild climate is perfectly suited for cycle holidays
  5. Discover the loveliest of places that are difficult to get to without a bike

A harbour tour in Rotterdam

This lively city is the home to Europe’s largest port. By bike and by Aqualiner ferry, which crosses the harbour, you can observe the port at work with very close proximity. Rotterdam has nice restaurants, impressive container ships and barges that make good photo spots. It also has plenty of variety in general. When visiting the famous ship museum, the SS Rotterdam, you should try the tasty cocktails in the style of the 1950s.
Good to know: by bike the harbour tour takes approx. 1.5 hours

Cyclists at windmills in Holland

The Kinderdijk windmills

This small and idyllic Dutch village is located about 15km south-east of Rotterdam in the province of South Holland. It is well-known for its charming windmills, which were named a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997. Nowadays, the Kinderdijk windmills are one of the most well-known attractions in the Netherlands and should not be missed when on a cycle tour going through Holland. They are really pretty to look at and make a great photo.

A walk through Amsterdam's canals

This is a must for everyone who visits Amsterdam! These canals are not only a symbol of this pulsating city but they also have a large cultural and historical interest – according to UNESCO they even have “outstanding universal value”. Some canals can be considered to be particularly worth seeing. Along the Gouden Bocht (“golden bend”), which stretches from Leidestraat to the Vijzelstraat, you can see the loveliest and the most vibrant canal-side houses in all of Amsterdam.

Kinderdijk mills

Zaanse Schans - the museum village

Rund 900.000 Besucher besichtigen jährlich das Freilichtmuseum in der Gemeinde Zaan stad. Es soll das historische Erbe des ältesten Industriegebiets der Niederlande für immer bewahren und zugänglich machen. Zwischen 1961 und 1974 wurden zahlreiche alte Gebäu de aus dem Zaanstreek dorthin transportiert, wieder aufgebaut und in ihren ursprünglichen Zustand versetzt. Die Windmühlen am Ort wurden liebevoll restauriert, nach und nach wurEach year roughly 900,000 visitors visit this open-air museum located in Zaanstad. Its aim is to preserve the historical heritage of Holland’s oldest industrial area forever whilst making it easily accessible at the same time.

Das Stadskasteel Oudaen in Utrecht

In the year 1280 one of the richest families in Utrect ordered for a castle to built. In those days a stone house was still something rather special. In actual fact, it took more than a century for the tower to be finished and it became the highest building in the town.  Originally built as a medieval defence tower, the castle played an important role throughout history. These days it gets its name from a later owner, Dirck van Houdaen. Today the restaurant accommodates its own brewery.     

Bike with woven basket
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