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Colourful houses on the island of Aero

Loop Tour on Funen

Exploring the Danish South Sea

8 Days / 7 Nights
Colourful houses on the island of Aero

The beautiful island of Funen in the Danish South Seas is affectionately called the "Garden of Denmark". With its dreamlike landscape, it lives up to its name. With about 2,985 square kilometres, Funen is the third largest island in the country. Cyclists can look forward to a very well signposted network of cycle routes, which is 1,200 kilometres long in total. It takes you through green meadows and large forests to idyllic stretches of coastline on the South Funen Sea. Along the way are picturesque harbour towns where you can enjoy Denmark's culinary delights. Paradisiacal beaches invite you to relax or swim, while historical sights and museums offer a great change of pace. This colourful mix makes the Danish island of Funen an Eldorado for cyclists.  

From the capital Odense, you cycle to the harbour town of Assens on the Little Belt before reaching Faaborg. A ferry takes you to the island of Ærø and to Svendborg. On the fifth day, you can take a rest day or explore the maritime city of Svendborg while sightseeing and shopping. The next destination is Nyborg, before you cycle to Kerteminde and back to Odense the following day.

  • Odense: The famous birthplace of Christian Andersen is historically and culturally interesting. An evening walk will take you through the town's history and to cosy restaurants where you can end the day.
  • Assens: In this picturesque harbour town on the Little Belt, you can visit the local museum Vestfyn.
  • Faaborg: The Faaborg Art Museum is a real highlight for art lovers.
  • Skarø, Drejø and Tåsinge: Skarø and Drejø are a nature paradise, while Tåsinge boasts Valdemars Castle. King Christian IV had it built for his son Valdemar in the Renaissance style. Later, Admiral Niels Juel added a rococo addition.

As Funen's highest point is 131 metres above sea level, it is an easy cycling tour. It is also suitable for children with cycling experience. The landscape is flat or slightly hilly. To ensure that you feel safe and can enjoy your cycling trip, the route leads along cycle paths or side roads with little traffic. Only in the towns, there is a little bit more traffic. All routes are well signposted.

Itinerary at a glance

Funen is a paradise for cyclists – picturesque cities like Odense and Assens meet with scenic islands such as Skarø and Drejø, as well as Tåsinge with the dreamy Valdemars Castle. The fantastic beaches complete the travel experience.

Odense is the capital of Funen and also the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. We recommend an early arrival, as this cultural and historic town has a lot to offer. You can discover the long history of the town during an evening stroll, and also check out the local gastronomy scene.

You will quickly leave the hustle and bustle of the town behind you and immerse yourself in a real nature paradise. After just a few kilometres, you will discover why Funen is known as Denmark’s garden. The often untouched landscape will enchant you, and many places along the way are suitable for a picnic. Today’s goal is the small harbour town Assens, located directly on the Little Belt. You can find out a lot about the historical old quarter by visiting the local Vestfyn museum.

Today you will pass through the ´Alps of Funen Island´. The landscape will alternate between forested areas and stretches of coast, and offer breath-taking views again and again. The untouched moraine landscape in the ´Svanninge Bakker´ national park is especially attractive. Fans of architecture will be impressed by the many old manors and churches you will pass on your route. Today’s goal is Faaborg. The old harbour town is best discovered on a stroll through the small streets. For culture enthusiasts, it is worth visiting the Faaborg art museum.

A special experience awaits you today. During your tour, you will discover Ærø island. A ferry ride in the morning will bring you from Faaborg to Søby. You can see the best of the island on a short bicycle tour eastward. You should definitely take some time to explore Ærøskøbing, the fascinating and historical capital of the island. From Ærøskøbing you will take the ferry back to Funen Island and Svendborg where you will spend the night.

Today you will be spoilt for choice. Svendborg is the maritime centre of Funen Island. Here you will have many options for shopping, tourist attractions, restaurants and bars. Use today for a little rest and relaxation or to stroll around. There are also many options on the bike: Skarø and Drejø islands offer a unique nature experience and are easy to reach from Svendborg by ferry (ticket not included; price approx. 25 € per person; payable on site). Alternatively, you can visit Tåsinge island with the unmissable Valdemar’s castle. The sportive cyclers can also combine this with exploring the island of Langeland. Don’t forget to bring along your bathing suit. Whatever you choose, you definitely won’t be bored today.

Today’s route is very varied. A large part of it leads along the coastline, but you will also ride inland now and again. Along the way you will pass by many old castles and manors. There will be plenty of opportunities to take a quick dip as well. The strait between the danish island Funen in the West and Zealand in the East is called the Great Belt. In Nyborg, you will find the impressive Great Belt Fixed Link which is still one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. Nyborg castle is also worth a visit.

Following the coast all the way, you will soon reach the picturesque harbour town of Kerteminde. Visit the Fjord & Belt Museum to find out about the sea and its inhabitants. The many restaurants along the harbour are a great choice for a midday pause. The last leg of your journey will bring you back to Odense, the start of your bicycle tour on Funen. Take some time for another evening stroll around town or visit the newly renovated birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen.

Departure or extension

Route information


In general, an easy tour through flat and slightly hilly landscapes (the highest point of Funen is only 131 m above sea level). Mostly dedicated cycle paths and small secondary roads with little traffic; it is only in the towns that you should expect more traffic. Good to very good signposting. Also suitable for families with children who already have some experience on bicycles.


Prices & Dates

Category: 3***- and 4****-hotels

Prices per person in EUR

Services & Information

Further details about this tour


  • Accommodation as already mentioned
  • Breakfast
  • Luggage transfer
  • Carefully elaborated route description
  • Detailed travel documents 1x per room (German, English)
  • 1 Ferry ride from Faaborg to Søby, incl. bike
  • 1 Ferry ride from Ærøskøbing to Svendborg, incl. bike
  • Service hotline

Optional extras

  • Bike rental, including rental bike insurance

Arrival / Parking / Departure

  • Odense train station
  • Copenhagen airport
  • Parking at the hotel, costs approx. EUR 20 per day

Things to note

  • Tourist tax, if due, is not included in the price!
  • Further important information according to the package travel law can be found here!
  • This tour is a partner tour.
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