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Rapperswil Castle

Lake Lucerne – Lake Constance

The mountains and lakes of the Confederates

7 Days / 6 Nights
Rapperswil Castle

Instead of island hopping, you'll be "lake hopping" in Switzerland - cycling from lake to lake for seven days and getting to know the respective characteristics of each body of water. Whether it's elegant villas on Lake Zurich, the fascinating power generation on Lake Sihl, or kiwi trees on Lake Walen. Just as interesting as the picturesque Lucerne is the side excursion to another country - the Principality of Liechtenstein may not be large, but there is still plenty to see and explore!

Take in the stunning lakeside panorama in Lucerne before starting your journey through the Zug region to Lake Zug and then through the Hell Grottoes to Lake Ägeri. The next day promises equal splendor as you cycle through the Rothenthurmer Moor, alongside Lake Sihl, and Lake Zurich to Rapperswil.

Upon arrival at Lake Walen, you're greeted by its typically mild climate, while your eyes are drawn to the distinctive formation of the Churfirsten mountain range. Day 5 brings an intriguing twist as you casually cross-national borders—Liechtenstein, Europe's fourth smallest state, offers the charming capital of Vaduz, perfect for a leisurely stroll. Along the route in the Rhine Valley, you'll encounter castles, fortresses, and majestic mountains. Your journey culminates at Rorschach, where you reach the Swiss shores of Lake Constance.

  • The scenic vista of the lake and mountains: Lucerne's Old Town, with its narrow streets, historic buildings, and charming squares, is a delightful area to wander and explore. The iconic houses on the Kornmarkt and Weinmarkt are especially striking. The Chapel Bridge, one of Lucerne's most renowned landmarks, stands as one of Europe's oldest covered wooden bridges. Adjacent to it, the water tower has a storied past, having served as both a prison and a watchtower.
  • Take a detour to the Principality: The historic center of Vaduz, known as Vaduzer Städtle, is a picturesque quarter filled with charming alleyways, boutiques, cafés, and restaurants. Dominating the skyline is Vaduz Castle, perched atop a hill overlooking the town. This castle serves as the residence of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein and is open for external visits. From its vantage point, visitors can enjoy a splendid view of the surrounding mountains.
  • The scenic splendor of Lake Constance: Whether you seek peace and relaxation or action and adventure, Rorschach offers it all against the backdrop of stunning Lake Constance. This idyllic setting is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and leisure seekers alike. Visitors can partake in sailing, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, swimming, fishing, or simply bask in the serenity of the surroundings.

The route lengths and conditions from Lucerne to Lake Constance are as diverse as the landscape itself. Some days you may cycle 35 kilometers, while on others, you might cover 80 kilometers. If needed, you can always take a shortcut using public transport. However, it's important not to underestimate the topography—while the lake shores are flat, the areas in between can be hilly. Fortunately, you'll be traveling light, as our local team will transport your suitcases from accommodation to accommodation.

Switzerland is characterized by towering mountain ranges and deep lakes - both of which combine to create the most magnificent panoramas. Nevertheless, you don't have to shy away from a cycling tour in Switzerland; our experts have put together magnificent routes for every level.

itinerary at a glance

From lake to lake: Take a stroll in Luzern to the Chapel Bridge and enjoy the atmosphere by Lake Lucerne. You'll then visit Lake Zug, Lake Ägeri, and the Rothenthurm High Moor. After passing Lake Walen and Vaduz, you'll reach Lake Constance.

Located directly on the lake, against a picturesque mountain backdrop, the panorama of the "city of lights" is unique. Visit the Lion Monument and stroll across the Kappell Bridge.

A well-developed promenade leads you along the Reuss out of Lucerne. The Zugerland is slightly hilly; Lake Zug is lovely. Strengthen yourself with a kirsch cake, because now follows a longer ascent past the Höllgrotten up to the Ägerisee.

A fierce battle world at the crystal-clear Ägerisee, an orchid, peat and insect world in the Rothenthurm high moor and a busy pilgrim world in the pilgrimage site Einsiedeln. Lovely and useful, the Sihlsee, which supplies electricity; divided by the Seedamm, the villa-inhabited Zürichsee; meliorated by the idiosyncratic engineer H.C. Escher, the Linth plain with canal and new farmland and meadows.

Figs and kiwis ripen in the climatic chamber of Lake Walen, where the infinitely high rock faces of the Churfirsten threaten to topple into the 150-meter-deep water. The overnight stay is in Quarten, just above the lakeshore.

With a light step, we continue to Sargans, guarded by the castle and Gonzen, an ancient iron ore supplier. The St. Gallen Rhine Valley is a landscape often spoiled by the warm foehn. Pay a visit to the Principality of Liechtenstein. There is much to see in the small country.

Much land was reclaimed during river corrections of the Alpine Rhine in the Rhine Valley. In the distance, the flat delta and silvery expanse of Lake Constance beckon. Despite vibrant shoreline life, the ancient cultural landscape remained an idyllic stretch of land with interesting castles and large orchards.

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Along the many lakes the route is naturally flat - but between the waters there are smaller and larger climbs to overcome. If necessary, you can shorten with public transport.

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