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7 tips to perfectly prepare for an active holiday with children

Bathing fun at Lake Mattsee with the family

An active family holiday takes a lot of time and planning. Therefore, it is advisable to start the preparations at least a few months in advance. Many people use the cooler season for this. It’s exactly the right time to prepare for adventures in nature in the warmer temperatures. We have put together some of the most important tips for you to carefully organise your family holiday so you can enjoy carefree time together. And the best thing is, we are by your side with advice in all areas of preparation.

Bathing fun at Lake Mattsee with the family

#1 Book and plan your family holiday

Better sooner than later

Many of you may be wondering when you should start planning your trip. Everyday life is usually packed full. This leaves little time to organise your holiday properly. But especially when travelling with your family, good planning is of utmost importance and crucial for a successful trip together. We therefore advise you to book 6-9 months in advance to ensure you get your desired date and start planning 2-3 months in advance so there’s not much left to do before you leave. Enjoy the anticipation. Most of our Eurobike tours are in spring, summer or autumn. Depending on when you want to start, winter, spring or summer is the right time to start planning!

#2 Pack your suitcase

Everything you need but not too much

What do you need to bring for a successful hiking holiday? What clothes to pack? What should you leave at home to avoid unnecessary luggage? Different things should be packed depending on the type of trip. You can get all the tips you need right here.

You can also make your own packing list when packing your suitcase. We also took a look at various family and mummy blogs and discovered the following helpful page (in German):

Top tip: Let the kids pack too

Because children love to travel. This is particularly exciting for them, and they want to be part of it all. That is why giving your child their own suitcase, for example from Vaude, is an excellent idea. The kids can carry their own luggage themselves, luggage is divided up and they always have something to do even on a long journey.

#3 The travel first-aid kit

So it's all good when things go bad

No one really wants to be unwell on holiday. For minor ailments, however, you can get by with a compact first-aid kit. These things should not be forgotten on an active family holiday:

  • Cooling cream for sore legs
  • Ointment for minor injuries
  • (Waterproof) plasters
  • Chewing gum or anti-nausea medication for driving or sailing
  • After-sun cream for sunburn relief

#4 Arrival

Car, train or plane - how to get to your holiday destination

Arrival and departure are not included in the travel price of a Eurobike holiday. You are completely free in your travel planning and can decide for yourself how you would like to get to your destination. Many of the destinations on offer can easily be reached by train or car. You can reach other destinations with flights. You can choose the most convenient means of transport.

#5 Travel conditions

Read carefully

We have compiled all of our travel conditions on the following page: TRAVEL CONDITIONS, with the request that you read them carefully before you leave. But even if you book with other providers, we recommend that you always read the conditions of travel carefully. Because it is very annoying to be confronted with any surprises!  

#6 Travel insurance

Better safe than sorry

There may be trips where it is not absolutely necessary to take out travel insurance. But we can only highly recommend this when taking a family holiday, because something could always come up, such as illness or injury. In this case, travel cancellation insurance is ideal. Travel insurance is not included in our travel prices, but we are happy to recommend Allianz Global Assistance, where you can get information and advice about insurance.

#7 Everything at a glance

Make a travel checklist

Writing lists is boring for many people. We can’t argue with that. But they are also very helpful, save you from forgetting important things and are one of the most essential tools when planning your tour. Depending on the type of travel and destination, there are different things to take with you. Here are a few ideas that are equally important for all tours that you can amend according to your own needs:


  • Where necessary, get local currency
  • Credit or debit card (is this valid in the destination country?)

Document check

  • Passport/identity card valid?
  • Apply for visa if necessary
  • Get travel insurance
  • Check vaccinations
  • E-card or travel health insurance certificate

You must include

  • All travel documents
  • Travel and phrasebook
  • Camera
  • Travel insurance documents
  • Mobile phone

Is something missing in your opinion? Let us know via email at office@eurobike.at or simply send us a message on Facebook and we’ll be happy to add it to our list.

You can read our individual checklists for different types of travel here.

More helpful tips for planning your trip

We have put together a separate section on our website for all the important topics before your holiday. Take time to read through the tips. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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