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The correct bike size for children

Tips to make the right choice

Rental bikes and prams in front of the Eurofun building in Obertrum
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Children are so different! Some literally ‘shoot up’ in height after a few years, others take time to grow. When you want to buy the first bike for your (grand)child or when you have decided to take a cycle tour with the whole family in which your children need rental bikes, the question arises: which children’s bike size is the right one? Are they even big enough for a rental bike? What do I do if my child cannot cycle long distances?

We have gathered the most important details for you so you can choose the right vehicle for your child in a relaxed manner, without leaving question marks. And if you are still unsure: just contact us, we will be happy to advise you on choosing your rental bike.

Rental bikes and prams in front of the Eurofun building in Obertrum

Which equipment for which age?

bike , tag-along or baby seat?

hen buying toys, the seller often asks ‘how old is the child?’ in order to find the right item as quickly as possible. With children’s bikes, however, age does not play a major role in relation to the correct size. The experience in cycling and the development of motor skills are very different. Yes, all children simply have different talents when it comes to sporting activities.

That is why the age of your child is not important for the size of the bike, but it is important to select the correct equipment. If the child is too young to cycle over long distances, they will not be happy with their own bike and a cycle tour will not be the dream holiday it should be.

A tag-along, also known as a child follower, is recommended in this case. Attached to the seat of a parent, the child can pedal themselves but also has the option of riding without pedalling. Young children can be placed in a trailer or in a child seat.

In order to choose the right bike, it is important that you assess your children correctly. It is best to test at home which distances your child can cycle on their own. If you are unsure, it is best to take a tag-along. This is not overwhelming and is just as much fun for children!

What size children’s bike?

hight and inches

When buying bikes for adults, the frame size is specified – for children’s bikes this is less important. The most important thing here is wheel size, which is measured in inches. That is why you should speak in inches when providing information on children’s bikes. At Eurobike there are children’s bikes in 20, 24 or 26 inches.

But which inch measurement is right for which body size? There are typical average values for this, which provide a good guide for choosing the right bike. A table with the average values is given below.

Eurobike Tag-along

Additionally, the children’s stride or leg length often plays a role. This is why the table is a good guide and fits most children, but can also vary slightly. However, Eurobike always has a replacement available if the chosen child’s bike is not the right size.

The weight is only important for the child trailer and child seat, because there are guidelines as to how much load can be pulled with an adult bike (the minimum age of the main cyclist is 16).

Eurobike Kinderanhänger

Table of body height and bike sizes

Child’s age Height Weight Equipment/Size
1,5 - 7 years < 105 cm < 20 kg child trailer
1,5 - 8 years < 120 cm < 22 kg child seat
3 - 6 years 100 - 120 cm   Tag-along or child follower 20 inches
5 - 8 years 115 - 140 cm   Tag-along or child follower 24 inches
5 - 6 years 115 - 125 cm   child's bike 20 inches
6 - 10 years 125 - 140 cm   child's bike 24 inches
8 - 12 years 140 - 150 cm   child's bike 26 inches
10 - 15 years > 150 cm   Unisex adult bike

Which bike for the tour

Rental bikes on Eurobike cycling holidays

Eurobike offers the right piece of equipment for every age and size. Of course, when booking you can decide whether you would like to rent a child trailer, a tag-along or child’s bike. When booking a children’s bike, we automatically select the right size for your child.

However, if you have a specific request for the size of children’s bike, please let us know when making your booking. It helps us a lot when we know what size bike your child has at home before you arrive.

Your child’s own bike

You are welcome to bring your own bike on all Eurobike cycle tours. Especially children’s bikes, this is even recommended as children always known their own bike best, are used to it and is easy to transport. Because a children’s bike can easily fit into the boot of a car!


Would you like to find out more about our rental bikes and available children’s equipment? You can find all the details here.