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This was the Lake Graben Run 2024

Reaching the goal together.
Team photo with all runners at the sports field

Beloved traditions should be upheld, which is why we participated in the eleventh edition of the Lake Graben Run in Perwang once again. As in previous years, we collected charity kilometers for the Sonneninsel in Seekirchen. With great motivation and in perfect weather, we started with twelve runners across four teams.

Find out how our participants performed and what else happened here.

Team photo with all runners at the sports field

Together, we can achieve anything!

Eurobike has been a sponsor of the Lake Graben Run since 2016. In addition to this commitment, we also actively participate as runners in the team competition. The focus here is clearly on fun and team spirit—crossing the finish line together with colleagues, sometimes from different departments. The chase for podium places and the best time quickly becomes a secondary concern.

The format remained unchanged, with teams of three formed for the team competition, each covering 4.2 km through beautiful Perwang and the surrounding area. The individual times of the runners were added together at the end.

Perfect weather for a sporting challenge

Our colleagues showcased their creativity when coming up with team names. We had the pleasure of cheering on teams like “PM – Promille Meister” and the “Running Gags.” The “PM – Oldies but Goldies” proved they are far from over the hill, and the “Bike-Runners” were also doing great.

In sunny weather and with mild temperatures, the starting signal for our four teams was given at 3:20 PM. They began the race in high spirits. Numerous colleagues came to provide moral support, cheering on our runners along the course.

Our teams this year:


  • PM – Promille Meister: Nicolai Warren, Manuel Huber, and Rey Winterberger
  • Running Gags: Julia Winklhofer, Lisa Schlager, and Verena Winkler
  • Bike-Runners: Verena Sonnenberg, Christian Konrad, and Stefanie Nick
  • PM – Oldies but Goldies: Andreas Schintlmeister, Joscha Koob, and Isabella Strasser
Everyone is waiting for the starting signal

2 podium finishes for our teams

All of our athletes showed strong performances and deserved a place on the podium. Two of our teams were also able to celebrate a podium finish. In the men's competition, "PM – Promille Meister" secured second place with a total time of 0:59:49.3 minutes. Led by our product managers Nico, Rey, and Manuel, they only narrowly missed out to the first-placed team "Geile Hunde".

There is also good news to report from our mixed team "Bike-Runners". After a strong team performance, they crossed the finish line with a total time of 1:06:34.6 hours, earning second place for the team composed of Verena, Stefanie, and Christian.

Congratulations from our entire Eurobike team on these outstanding achievements!

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