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Grabensee run 2022 – We were back at the starting line!

Last weekend we left our bikes at home and exchanged our hiking shoes for running shoes – since the popular Lake Grabensee Run in Perwang was on the program again. Since we use this great event every year as a sporting team event, Eurofun again entered three highly motivated teams at the mixed and women’s start this year – the Eurohike Snails, the Eurohike Rockets and the Eurobike Bunnies. The team competition covers a distance of 4.2 kilometres with three runners each. The individual times are added at the end. Here you can find our how our teams fared in these summery temperatures and why we always enjoy taking part in this great event.

A successful Eurofun team event

Eurofun Touristik not only took part in the Lake Grabensee Run in Perwang in 2022, but also in the years before. Since we are a big fan of this well-organised sporting event, we have been able to support the run as a sponsor since 2016. That is why we are happy to return to the starting line every year and have a little race with numerous other participants. But naturally it is not just about winning or good times, but above all about team spirit and spending time with colleagues. Such excursions and experiences definitely strengthen the team and help them connect.

Our motivated runners

Eurohike Snails, Eurohike Rockets and Eurobike Bunnies – the teams certainly did not lack creativity when it came to finding a name. In these groups, a total of nine enthusiastic and motivated employees took part in the Lake Grabensee Run. Other Eurofun employees, who were waiting there for all our runners, provided loud support at the finish line.

  • Eurohike Snails: Julia Winklhofer, Isabella Strasser, Kathrin Frauenschuh
  • Eurohike Rockets: Margarete Kröll, Michael Kröll, Dennis Muniu
  • Eurobike Bunnies: Gerlinde Lüftenegger, Kathrin Schmid, Hannes Leichter

Great results for our teams

As already mentioned, this event focuses on team spirit, joint activity and fun. All participants can be proud of themselves and their running times. Nevertheless, we are very happy that one team, the Eurohike Rockets, were able to win the EUROBIKE mixed competition thanks to their great performance and efforts. Margarete, Michael and Dennis laughed at the end with a total time of 1 hr 5 mins 21 sec from the very top. The other two teams also achieved awesome results with 3rd and 5th place and can look back on a successful and exciting day.

Beer and burger as a reward

After the run, there was of course an award ceremony, delicious food and chilled drinks waiting for all runners. The on-site food truck provided all hard-working participants and supporters with burgers, beer and more. The joint meal and celebrations rounded off the successful sporting event. Naturally, a big thank you goes to the organiser Rudi Maislinger and all the helpers involved who made this event possible.

Running for charity

Every year, the Lake Grabensee Run donates one Euro per participant to a good cause. This year organisers are supporting the ‘Sonneninsel’ in Seekirchen. This charity offers free follow-up care for children, young people and their families after cancer or another serious illness. We also wanted to support this campaign and do believe that doing it for charity makes the run easier.


We left satisfied, but also exhausted from the runs and the heat and look forward to joining in the Lake Grabensee Run next year with motivated teams. See you in 2023!

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