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We put to rest the biggest cycling myths

The eurobike team knows the truth!

Myth or fact? Everyone does it – some more, some less – cycling! Especially when the sun is shining, hopping onto the saddle is attractive and amateur athletes pedal with enthusiasm. Cycling side by side would be nice right now. But sadly you are not allowed! Are you sure? The Eurobike team has uncovered the biggest cycling myths. Learn everything now!

Cyclists are not allowed to ride side by side

Not always true! Basically, the statement is correct. However, there are three exceptions:

  • On a dedicated cycle path
  • As a closed group (of more than 15 cyclists)
  • When driving side by side does not interfere with traffic

Did you know that? Now on your next group cycle tour you will know the facts and can easily chat with your fellow cyclists as you pedal.

Listening to music while cycling is prohibited

Not correct! You are allowed to listen to music while cycling and to cycle through the streets with headphones and like likes. Prerequisite: You can still hear the traffic around you! If cyclists are able to observe signals from traffic despite music, listening to music while cycling is absolutely no problem!

Cyclists taking a break

Load up on carbs before your next big cycle

It’s a fact that carbohydrates are energy suppliers. But to cram your body full of pasta the night before a big trip, isn’t the best idea. An excess of carbohydrates often causes you to feel bloated and lethargic the following day. I addition, the body does not have time to digest huge amounts of pasta.

Tip from the Eurobike team: Treat yourself to a pasta dish, but please mind the portion. As long as you don’t ‘overdose’ on pasta, the carbohydrates will give your body the necessary energy boost. Better to reach for a snack while cycling, than to eat tons of food in advance!

Pasta di Mare

Alcohol and cycling – no problem!

This myth has taken hold over many years, but unfortunately is completely false! Although for cyclists, different blood alcohol limits apply than for motorists. Nevertheless, bicycle riders must be careful! Values of up to 0.8 per thousand are allowed in Austria while cycling, as long as there is no danger to other road users. In other countries, such as France, Italy and Switzerland, the alcohol limit is 0.5. The best idea is to inform yourself of alcohol limits in each country before heading off on your cycling holiday. The police can not only fine cyclists under the influence of alcohol, but can also withhold their driver’s licence.
So please: if you love your bike, pedal without wine!

Build leg strength through high gear selection

Of course, you build the muscles in your legs though selecting a higher gear. Nevertheless, low gears can also provide effective training. If you are not a professional cyclist, preferring to cycle in your spare time, then cycling is part of your aerobic exercise regime. Thus, the necessary effort level for the legs should be low. In addition, too high a gear stresses the knees unnecessarily. Injuries are therefore more likely. So all in moderation: a slow approach and crack up the gears when you need to. Here are some tips and tricks to improve your cycling performance.

Cyclists have no business on the pavement

That’s true, but only to a certain extent. Driving on the pavement is prohibited, but pushing is not! In addition, there is a special regulation for children’s bicycles. A child’s bike is defined as one that has a maximum rim diameter of 300 millimetres and can travel at a maximum speed of 5km/hr. If this is the case, children should drive exclusively on the sidewalk, because it’s safer for them!

Fact or fiction: Although some regulations sound strange or funny they are certainly justified. If you still have questions or know any more persisting myths, please write to the competent Eurobike team!

Want to know more about cycling safety? Here are seven tips on how to ensure your next cycle is a safe experience.

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