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Insider knowledge: travelling by bike & boat

Exciting insights behind the scenes of the floating hotels

Our tours with bike & boat across Europe offer real variety. You will discover the most beautiful cycle paths in beautiful natural landscapes every day and you can be active on your bike. In the afternoon, enjoy the comfort of your floating hotel and relax on the sundeck before going on board for dinner. Your luggage stays on board, so you are completely carefree on the bike during the day.

And the best part? This type of trip is not only particularly multifaceted but can also be experienced by all energy levels: from leisure cyclists to cyclists on holiday, there is the perfect form of active break for everyone. And should you not feel like cycling at all? No problem! Then just stay comfortably on deck and that day and enjoy the day as you wish.

But what happens behind the scenes on a bike & boat tour? How does a day on board work, what equipment can you find on board and what can you expect from a culinary point of view? We at Eurobike have the answers to your questions.

Bikes, logistics & the daily routine

How exactly does a day on the ship go?

The holiday days on the ship are mainly one thing – a welcome change from everyday life and very beneficial. It starts after breakfast with a short meeting in which the day’s stage is presented. Then you start cycling. Back on board in the afternoon, you can first relax with a coffee and cake on the sun deck, before a tasty 3-course menu awaits the hard-working cyclists in the evening. A perfect combination of active movement and relaxation!

Can you take your own bike with you on bike & boat tours?

Yes, you can take your own bike with you at no extra charge. However, we recommend you book your tour as soon as possible and state that you are taking your bike with you, as it is only possible to bring your own bike in limited numbers.

Do you already know how bikes get from the ship to land and back again?

Either the bikes are transported the classic way from the ship to the land via a ramp, or if there is no ramp on the ship, the crew has to do it. In this case, the bikes are carefully lifted from the ship with a human chain of several crew members. A real show of strength!

Equipment & service on board

What equipment can be found on the ships?

Basically, all ships are different, and the equipment varies accordingly. Each ship has a restaurant area, a salon or bar. There is also a cozy sundeck on which you can relax. The size and facilities in the cabins vary from ship to ship.

Is there a doctor on board?

We generally recommend that you take out travel insurance for every trip. If you need a doctor on board, the on-board tour guide or the captain will contact a doctor on land. Our travel tip: In any case, pack a basic set of medicine in your luggage.

Food & leisure on board

What can you expect from a culinary point of view on the ship?

Enjoyment is very important on our tours with bike & boat. On the boat tours you will be spoiled with culinary delights from morning to evening. After a hearty breakfast, you can start your cycling day full of energy. You have the opportunity to put together your own packed lunch for the cycle tour at breakfast. After the tour and back on board the ship, you can look forward to a small afternoon snack with coffee, tea and cake before you are spoiled with a wonderful 3-course menu in the evening. With a drink at the bar, you can end your perfect, successful day in a relaxed manner – simply wonderful!

Salon at the ship MS Olympia

Are all meals prepared on board?

Yes, all meals are freshly prepared on board. And that is often quite a challenge for the cook and his team in such a small area. Can you imagine cooking for 100 passengers in an area of only a few square meters? Despite the small on-board kitchen, wonderful dishes are conjured up!

Are there dishes on board for guests with certain allergies and intolerances?

On our tours with bike & boat, suitable meals can be prepared for passengers with allergies or intolerances. However, it is important that you give us this information when you book your tour and at least 14 days before the start of your trip.

Buffet in the restaurant on the ship Ave Maria

Crew & safety on board

Safety on board – what should you know?

The safety of our guests and the crew on board is our top priority. At the beginning of every tour there is a short briefing for all passengers with the most important information about the use of lifejackets, where the emergency exits and lifeboats are. With this important basic information, all passengers can enjoy the journey with a good feeling.

Where do the crew stay overnight during the cruise?

The entire crew remains on board during the entire journey and stays overnight on the ship.

What duties does the captain have on the ship?

Ensuring the crew are working together is essential to providing that perfect holiday feeling for guests and to guarantee a smooth and harmonious daily routine. The captain is responsible for the division of the crew and the day-to-day business on board. It is also important to keep the log book up to date and determine the route. And did you know that on longer voyages, a captain also needs to know about the technology of the machines on board, as well as knowledge of customs regulations? In any case, the captain gained his knowledge during his apprenticeship years. All captains must first complete an apprenticeship as a ship mechanic then as technician. As a nautical officer on watch, he then has to obtain a further three years of professional experience as an officer before they can achieve the title of ‘captain’.

Good to know, these insights behind the scenes of a tour with bike & boat. Do you have another question? Then don’t hesitate – our Eurobike team is happy to help!

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