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Fit through winter

3 tips to boost your immune system

With the start of the cold season, not only the low temperatures but also colds become more frequent. Whether you have a runny nose, a cough or a sore throat: the biting cold and the short days can be really hard on our bodies.

It is only when our inner protective shields are not functioning optimally that we realize how important it is to protect our body and strengthen the immune system. Since a healthy immune system can detect viruses and invaders at an early stage and generate antibodies that play an important role in fighting pathogens.

But how exactly do you get through the cold season so that you can start spring full of energy?

Here you will find a lot of helpful information which can aid you to get the circulation going and thus ensure a healthy immune system!

Get exercise in the fresh air and soak up the sun

Since the sun only shines for a short time in winter, our body releases more melatonin, which means that the metabolism slows down, and we become more tired as a result. That is because melatonin plays an important role in the sleep-wake cycle. Pronounced tiredness, declining motivation and frequent mood swings are noticeable. But there are very simple tips and tricks on how we can counteract this. Even a short walk in the fresh air at lunchtime or on the weekend can help inhibit melatonin production and replenish vitamin D reserves. The production of the happiness hormone serotonin is therefore in the foreground, and our mood and well-being rise again. 

Pay attention to correct airing

Also, regular airing should be on the agenda, especially in winter. The heating dries out the air and consequently our skin and mucous membranes, making it all the easier for pathogens to weaken our immune system.

Five minutes an hour is enough to supply the brain with oxygen, train our lungs and reduce the virus load in the room.

Good food and lots of fluids!

The keywords here are: vitamins, minerals and lots of water!

Whilst vitamins ensure, among other things, the formation and protection of cells, minerals are important for optimal functioning of the metabolism. Both are involved in numerous metabolic processes and supply our body with all the essential nutrients.

Fruit and vegetables in particular are rich in vitamins and minerals and thus protect our immune system, but germicidal miracle tubers such as garlic and onions are also said to have a positive effect on the immune system – especially the sulphur compounds contained in garlic are said to alleviate infections. 

Secret weapon ginger and lemons

In order for our mucous membranes to not dry out, it is helpful to take in enough water in addition to plenty of fresh air. Refined with a slice of ginger and a hint of lemon, a glass of water is the ultimate energy boost for the winter season.

Ginger is also a true superfood: it contains a total of six pungent substances that have an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.

But lemons have many positive effects on the body as well: among other things, they strengthen the immune system and also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Taking care of yourself – relaxation and regeneration

In addition to exercise and nutrition, it is also important to allow the body to rest. This is achieved by getting enough sleep, eight hours is ideal. Because if you do not give your body enough sleep at night, you automatically put a strain on your immune system.

Also, regular sauna sessions followed by alternating cold and hot showers strengthen the immune system. The change between hot and cold contributes to an increased formation of defences in the blood, and at the same time promotes our circulation. The heat and sauna infusions can help overcome seasonal sluggishness.

Especially in times like these, it is extremely important to pay attention to your immune system! Reducing stress and giving the body well-balanced regeneration is the be-all and end-all here. This can be achieved with a short break from everyday life, such as yoga sessions or a bike tour. Because a rolling stone gathers no moss.

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