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"As a refreshing change of pace, I find it invigorating to contribute to the design of our content pages with new creative approaches."

My career & more about me

Since 2018, I have had the privilege of supporting the Eurobike travel specialists team, focusing on destinations right in our backyard, namely the Salzkammergut and the Salzburg Lake District. Additionally, since 2021, I have been able to share my extensive knowledge gained over the years with my new colleagues, assisting them in their training and onboarding within our team.

Christine Pölzleitner

What else is there to tell?

In my free time ...

I prefer to be out and about in nature. Whether it's a hike in the mountains, a bike tour around the surrounding lakes or ending the day with a sunset on the lakeside. I simply love to revel in the beauty of nature in all its diversity.

My favourite things to read ...

books on self-development and novels. However, for a change, I also enjoy a thrilling thriller from time to time.

My perfect day ...

starts well-rested with a hearty brunch, preferably with my friends or family. Afterward, the backpack is packed, and the hiking or cycling routes in the Salzburg Lake District are explored. A refreshing dip in one of the beautiful lakes rounds off the nature experience. I then end the day at sunset on the lakeside accompanied by a good glass of white wine.

Travelling and other countries ...

inspire me and grant me a sense of freedom. I adore uncovering the world's beauty and immersing myself in new cultures, traditions, and people. The diverse worldviews and attitudes toward life introduce me to fresh creative perspectives and enable me to expand my personal horizons.

My favourite travel destinations ...

are still in Europe at the moment. Islands like Malta or Cyprus and cities like Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lisbon and many others offer perfect exploration opportunities in less than a week. In the near future, In the near future, I aspire to discover continents that are still unexplored to me, such as Australia, Asia, or America.

My most recent trips ...

took me to Portugal three times in just a few weeks. From a sporty cycling vacation in the Algarve to a city break in the capital of Lisbon to an exploration tour on the west coast, I did it all.

Happiness and contentment for me means ...

appreciating the little things in life, surrounding myself with my favorite people, and finding inner peace and contentment are paramount to my happiness.

Writing for me means ...

unlocking my inner wisdom and giving free rein to my thoughts and creativity.


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