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Travel report from the cycle tour in Luxembourg

The many faces of the heart of europe

With breathtaking views of winding valleys, picturesque vineyards along the Moselle or the millennial fortress town, the country has a rather modest area in which to offer such amazing variety.

So I became all the more curious about the different facets of the country of Luxembourg with its eponymous capital and embarked on an exciting cycle ride across the country.

It was also a great way for me to explore parts of our cycle tour along the Moselle Cycle Path.

A first exploration of Luxembourg

The first day of my journey starts very early, because I first travel by train from Salzburg to Munich to catch a flight. So I reach Luxembourg in the late morning.

I am staying in the Hotel Park Inn by Radisson, a nice 3*** hotel, centrally located near the train station. Here I may enjoy a delicious lunch buffet, before I go on a little exploration across the city, because of course I don’t want to miss out on the attractions, So I go over the Adolphe Bridge down to Petruss Valley, which separates the upper city from the station district.

The Adolphe Bridge is equipped with an additional suspension bridge for cycling. Also the Pfaffenthal lift, which brings be from the valley back to the upper town, was built mainly for cyclists. This also offers a great, far-reaching view over the city, because it also has a viewing platform. The city tour continues past the Museum of Modern Art and Cerle Municipal.

By the way: If you don’t want to take the lift, you can also enjoy the view from the viewpoint ‘Chemin de la Corniche’.

By train, bike and foot to the north of the country

Today means: Cycling shorts on, cycling helmet on and feet in the pedals, because in front of me are about 65km.

Thanks to the very good cycle network, bike transport is possible in almost all trains without any problem. So first I go by train to the north of the country, more precisely the Čislek region, from there, the route leads me past Diekirch towards Vianden one of Luxembourg’s main tourist destinations. After a short but intense walk, I reach the ‘Vianden Castle’ one of the largest and best preserved castles along the Rhine.

The effort was definitely worth it and I earned my lunch in the cosy atmosphere of the restaurant ‘Beim Hunn’.

In the middle of the green landscape and river Sauer, I cycle through the Mullerthal region in the afternoon, which is also called ‘Little Switzerland’. Except for a few hills, the track is almost entirely flat. So I reach the accommodation in Steinheim, Hotel Gruber, in late afternoon.

Along the Moselle, sparkling wine tasting and home travel

After a hearty breakfast I start refreshed in the third, but final day of my trip.

Today I cycle along the Moselle for the entire stage, so I don’t expect any hills. The Moselle is accompanied by picturesque vineyards. Therefore, it is all the more fitting to take a tour of the sparkling wine cellar Bernard Massard. A sparkling wine tasting cannot be missed!

In the afternoon, the route continues along the Mosel, past many grapevines.

Very early I reach my destination of Remich, a small town with a beautiful panorama of vineyards and dense forests. Here I enjoy a little ice cream and let the impressions of the last few days sink in, before I start my journey home to Salzburg.


My conclusion: Great enthusiasm on a small scale!

Cyclists will fall quickly for this country. Be it in the city itself or in the many diverse regions of the country – there is no lack of a good cycle network here. In combination with wonderful nature, and many delicious dishes, Luxembourg is definitely worth a visit!

Our cycle tours in Luxembourg

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