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Season preparation at Eurobike

Christine tells us how the team prepares for the cycling summer
Cyclists in the Austrian Alps

In order to be able to enjoy a cycling holiday on the Danube, in Bavaria or along our classic from Bolzano to Venice again this year, a lot of organisation is required. But above all, good preparation is important. Below you can read how we at Eurobike use winter to prepare for the upcoming cycling summer and what we are already organizing and preparing, to increase that anticipation for an unforgettable active holiday!

Cyclists in the Austrian Alps

Preparation and updating of travel documents

The basics for starting a successful season are kicked off by product management. Since new tours were worked out in autumn and all of our routes were adjusted, the catalogues were completed and sent out. Our colleagues Andreas and Joscha are now fully responsible for designing the travel documents. They check route adjustments, complete hotel notes and revise route books. And the GPS data is also being fine-tuned to ensure it is up to date for the 2021 season.

The travel specialists order Eurobike Bikeline maps for each destination, and city maps for the overnight stays are obtained from tourism associations. Business cards and luggage loops are also delivered so there are enough of them in the warehouse. In March, the first documents will be sent to recipients by post – then nothing stands in the way of flicking through the route books and the anticipation of the upcoming summer holiday ramps up.

Preparation in the stations

Preparations are already in full swing at the individual on-site stations. In Munich, Bolzano, the Palatinate as well as in our many other destinations we are working hard to be able to welcome our guests in person on time for the start of the season. The bikes were awoken from their hibernation, cleaned and serviced. Bicycle equipment, service kits and bike locks are also checked over. So that our guests can always find the right path, the ‘E-arrow signs’ on our routes are also checked and renewed.

Our travel document folders are prepared in the stations and they check there are enough route books, Bikeline maps, city maps and business cards available – so our inventories are replenished.

It is very important to use your luggage loops to ensure everything runs smoothly during your cycle tour. We want to make sure that each piece of luggage finds the right way!

As the stock of bikes has to be refreshed and documents updated before the start of the season, we are gradually being visited by the individual station managers here at the main company headquarters in Obertrum, Austria.

Together with the responsible travel specialists, all important points for the upcoming cycling summer are discussed again. With a full Eurobike bus and a filled bike trailer, they head back to the stations.

Preparation for the final touches

Now that we’ve done a lot of work, there are still a few but very important points that still need to be catered to. For the first arrival dates, the baggage logistics will be checked again and handed over to our logistics specialist Sebastian. Bikes and travel documents are delivered to the hotels from the stations. Since we can also be reached in the offices on Saturdays for your questions in the summer months, the weekend shifts are organized and divided up in advance.

All important information about the individual destinations is checked again and the telephone lists of all colleagues and partners are updated.

Our technical equipment also plays an important role. Service cell phones and tablets are made ready for use – here, too, all information is uploaded again.

We are ready: Everyone is in the starting blocks and excitedly looking forward to a new and exciting season. Until the first customers arrive in April, I will also make good use of the time to browse our travel range – after all, I don’t want to miss out on the beautiful cycling opportunities across Europe either. But as the saying goes, first work, then pleasure!

Christine Pölzleitner

Bis bald, eure Christine

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