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What should I consider when buying an e-bike?

9 tips to help you with the purchase decision
KTM e-bike with derailleur gears

E-bikes are very much in vogue. On our cycling tours, too, more and more guests are opting for a rental bike with an additional motor. So it is high time to answer the most important questions about buying an e-bike. If you take a closer look at the subject, you will realize that the decision is not that easy and that there are a few things to consider. We hope that our tips will help you choose your perfect e-bike.

KTM e-bike with derailleur gears

Pedelec or S-Pedelec?

"E-bike" can mean both a pedelec and an S-pedelec. However, these are two very different classes of electrically powered bicycles, which means a fundamental decision when buying. In general, an e-bike only offers support from a motor as long as the rider himself is also pedalling. There is no difference here between pedelec and S-pedelec. However, the achievable speed differs considerably: with a normal pedelec, up to 25 km/h with assistance is possible; at higher speeds, the assistance of the motor must be dispensed with. The situation is different with S-pedelecs: These offer motor assistance up to 45 km/h. However, this also results in a few disadvantages or limitations.

To ride an S-pedelec in Germany or Austria, you must have a moped licence, you must be at least 16 years old, and you must wear a helmet when riding. Since an S-pedelec is also treated like a moped, a number plate must be attached to the vehicle. It may only be used on normal roads and not on cycle paths. For a pedelec, on the other hand, the same rules apply as for normal bicycles.

The type of e-bike you choose depends, of course, on your individual needs and requirements. In general, however, pedelecs are sold for the most part, as the motor support up to 25 km/h is sufficient for the vast majority of purposes and there are significantly fewer restrictions on operation.

Type of motor: hub motor or mid-mounted motor?

The type of motor installed also has a noticeable effect on the price, but also on the riding characteristics of the e-bike. The cheaper models usually have a hub motor, either on the front or rear axle. A hub motor on the front wheel is particularly inexpensive, but shifts the centre of gravity of the bike unusually and rather unfavourably to the front. This changes the riding characteristics significantly, the risk of slipping increases and the steering behaviour generally becomes less precise. The better choice is a hub motor on the rear wheel, but this does not allow you to use a hub gear or coaster brake at the same time.

Higher-priced e-bikes usually have a mid-mounted motor. This is located at the bottom bracket and supports the power transmission directly at the front chainring. Apart from the higher price and the somewhat heavier load on the drive, a mid-motor otherwise has only advantages compared to a hub motor: The low position of the motor ensures a low centre of gravity, which has a positive effect on handling. In addition, mid-mounted motors are generally very low-wear.

Eurobike e-bike rental from Velo de Ville with mid-mounted motor

Battery: What capacity do I need?

The battery of the e-bike is a component that should not be ignored when buying. The capacities range from 300 Wh for older or cheaper bikes to 750 Wh for current higher-priced models. The intended use of your e-bike is the decisive factor here: If you are only planning to cycle the short way to work, a smaller battery is sufficient. However, if you are planning longer tours or even tours lasting several days, you will be glad to have a higher battery power! Some bikes also offer the option of attaching a second battery to the frame, which doubles the range. These are especially suitable for fans of longer tours.

The assistance mode also plays a role in power consumption, of course. Riding in eco-mode with little assistance consumes significantly less energy than in turbo mode. The battery also runs out of power more quickly when going uphill.

If you are unsure about the capacity of the battery, if in doubt, opt for a little more power, so that you have a good reserve and still enough range when the capacity slowly decreases with longer use.

Choosing the right components: What is important?

Apart from the motor and battery, it is also important to take a look at the rest of the e-bike's equipment. Since the electric bikes can reach high speeds quite quickly without much physical exertion and are also relatively heavy, we definitely recommend a bike with hydraulic disc brakes. These offer enough power to stop the e-bike again quickly and are usually quite low-maintenance.

The type of gears also makes a difference in terms of the ride itself, but also in terms of maintenance. Derailleur gears can offer ranges of over 500% and are therefore very versatile. However, they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Those who are somewhat skilled can do this themselves, though.

Disc brake on Velo de Ville e-bike

The situation is different with hub gears. These are very low-maintenance, but usually have to be taken to an expert if there are problems. They also offer a smaller range than derailleur gears. However, hub gears are best suited for certain areas of use, such as city bikes.

Apart from brakes and gears, you should also pay attention to the integrated lighting system (if available) when buying an e-bike. Here, it is essential that the light continues to shine even when the bike's battery is empty. This is the only way to guarantee your safety at all times.

KTM e-bike with derailleur gears

Buy cheap, buy twice

Useful e-bikes start at a price of about 2,000 euros. Unless it is a special offer, you should keep your hands off cheaper models. Although these are cheap to buy, they are often subject to more wear and tear due to inferior components and are more susceptible to defects. In the end, this can result in significantly higher maintenance costs, which puts the lower purchase price into perspective.

  • Our tip: In general, it makes sense to be clear about your own needs and expectations of an e-bike before buying and to inform yourself accordingly. If questions arise, it is advisable to write them down and ask the local bike dealer before buying. A reputable dealer will take the time to answer your questions and also address your concerns.

A test ride is indispensable!

When you have found the e-bike of your dreams, we definitely recommend that you also take a test ride! Because no matter how good the bike looks in the shop, it must also be suitable for you in practice. Only on a test ride will you notice whether you sit securely on the bike and whether the handlebar and saddle position are comfortable. On a small scale, the positions can be adjusted, but this should also be done before the purchase, so that you definitely feel comfortable on the e-bike during the test ride.

E-bike in front of landscape

Heavyweight e-bike

Motor and battery add considerably to the weight of a bicycle, which is why e-bikes normally weigh more than 20 kilograms, sometimes even almost 30 kilograms. This should definitely be taken into account when transporting with a bicycle carrier, as you can reach a weight of around 50 kilograms with just two bikes. In addition, you should also consider the permissible total weight of the bicycle. This is made up of the weight of the bicycle, the rider and the luggage. If, for example, an e-bike has a permissible total weight of 125 kg and a tare weight of 25 kg, this leaves only 100 kg for the rider and luggage - depending on the rider and the amount of luggage, you will quickly reach the limit here. Therefore, before buying, you should make sure that the desired bike is designed for your own body weight and the luggage to be transported.

Eurobike e-bike loaner bikes on the road

Secure your bicycle well!

Last but not least, an important point that, in our experience, is often not taken seriously enough: The anti-theft device of the e-bike. E-bikes are often characterized by a high price and are currently very popular - not only with honest buyers, but also with thieves who hope for poorly secured bikes.

There is no 100% protection against theft, but you can make it much more difficult for thieves. A thick chain lock or a U-lock are the safest options. In addition, if possible, always lock the bicycle to another object, for example to a fence or a street light. That way, it cannot simply be carried away. Ideally, you should not only lock the frame, but also at least one of the wheels.

Eurobike E-bike rental bikes in Santa Maria Elisabetta

We wish you every success in your search for your perfect e-bike!

We hope that we have been able to help you with our tips for buying an e-bike! The many points to consider will certainly not make the decision any easier, but you can be sure that you are making a good decision and will enjoy your new e-bike for a long time. Maybe you can already try out one of our new cycling tours for 2023! How about a cycling tour around Lake Garda or a cycling tour from Innsbruck via Salzburg to Vienna?

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