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The use of GPS data for cycle tours

Data generation, function and how to use it
Eurobike travel documents for the bike tours

Time does not stand still, and we are in a constant state of flux. We are getting further away from the analogue world and moving closer and closer to digitisation. Eurobike is also relying more and more on digital data and apps. We provide you with free GPS data in order to simplify your travel and enable uncomplicated travel from A to B.

But the GPS data is by no means a substitute for conventional travel documents. Rather, they are an additional tool to help you reach your destination effortlessly and to be able to focus on the essentials: the beautiful landscapes along the most beautiful cycle paths in Europe.

Eurobike travel documents for the bike tours

Preparation for your cycle tour

Good travel preparation is essential to having a nice, relaxing day in your destination. Proper preparation plays a very special role on a cycle tour, whether in Austria, Italy or Germany. In order to arrive safely at the destination, the route and all other important data should be known in advance. And the Eurobike team takes care of this by preparing individual travel documents, especially for your selected cycling holiday, and sending them to you in advance. With the route book and the maps you will reach your destination effortlessly. But in order to make your cycle tour even easier and so your gaze is not fixated on a map leaving you able to enjoy the beautiful landscape to the full, we will be happy to provide you with GPS data.

Generation of GPS data

These GPS data are personally generated on site by our Eurobike employees for each cycle tour and route variant. You travel to the individual destinations, cycle the route and collect the tracks of all stages with the help of a GPS device. In order to be able to send the exact data to the customer, it is checked, adapted and saved on the PC. This is followed by the sending of the individual cycle tour by email. You can easily save this data on your mobile phone, ideally in the Eurobike app. Download the map of the respective holiday region there so that you can also use it in offline mode. At the start of your day's stage, all you have to do is open the app, the respective route and the map and you can be digitally guided to your destination.

Cyclists use the Eurobike app

The ’in-house’ Apps

For several years now, Eurobike has been offering you the Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour-App, which is available free of charge for smartphones. The way this app works is very simple and focuses on navigating from A to B. All functions are available offline, i.e. available without an internet connection. You cycle, your position is shown on the map and with the corresponding GPS track, so you can always check whether you are still on the correct route. If that is not the case, thanks to your location data, you will also know exactly where you are and how to get back on the planned tour.

Cell phone with the Eurobike app

The new Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app is available free of charge for Eurobike Original Tours from 2022 and has other functions such as voice assistance, the display of POIs (points of interest) and the sending of push messages in stand-by mode and much more. Just like a navigation device in the car, the app can talk to you and thus provide you with visual and acoustic turn-by-turn directions. Thanks to this new assistance, you can now concentrate even more on cycling and enjoying the beautiful landscape around you. In addition, this new app has been expanded and refined with many other functions. The handling is even more user-friendly than before. In addition to the cycle routes, this app also shows you hotels, restaurants, sights, public transport, bike shops and all information about the booked tour that our guests know from our travel documents - our travel documents in digital form.

The new Eurobike app with GPS data

Using GPS data

  • Download the Eurobike app on your mobile phone
  • Request GPX-Tracks from Eurobike
  • Track dispatch takes place via email
  • Open tracks in Eurobike app
  • Download the map for the respective holiday region
  • Off you go!


Should problems arise with handling the GPS data, we offer on-site support during your cycle tour. Our employees are at your side with advice and tips and are happy to help you at any time.

Cyclists take a break on a bridge and look at the Eurobike app

With all this information on how the GPS data is generated, saved and used, nothing stands in the way of using GPS data on your next cycle tour.

You now receive special conditions when you book a trip.