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How to replace or to repair the inner tube

It's a piece of cake.
Bike repair kit

Imagine: you are cycling comfortably, enjoying the landscape and suddenly the inner tube bursts. Or you come back to your bike after a relaxed lunch break and discover that there is no more air in the tire. Such a breakdown can happen faster than you think. Of course, it is annoying!

But don’t worry: if worse comes to worst, it’s easy to change or mend the bike tire tube. And you will see: thanks to a replacement tube or service kit, you can continue your tour in no time!

Bike repair kit

Contents of the service kit

Preparation is the key to every successful cycle tour. These tools should therefore not be missing from your well-maintained service kit:

  • Replacement tube
  • Brackets
  • Air pump
  • Repair kit

Did you know? If you are out and about on one of our rental bikes, you will find a high-quality service kit in your saddlebag.

On the safe side – with Eurobike!

All Eurobike bikes have a special casing that is supposed to prevent a flat tire from happening in the first place. If you still have a flat tire, or the damage is too great, then help is just a short phone call away! We’ll send someone over to make repairs as soon as possible or provide you with a spare bike.

Our on-site Eurobike support ensures that your tour doesn’t deflate so quickly – you can be sure of that!

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Replacethe damaged inner tube

Step-by-step instructions

In our video we show you how a burst bike tube can be quickly and easily replaced with a new one, even if you have no experience. If you prefer to have the individual steps in front of you in writing, then it is best to read the following instructions.

With our easy tips it is easy to change the tube, even for beginners – we promise!

Pull the inner tube out of the tyre

How to change the inner tube

Step 1: Put the bike upside down

In order to change an inner tube, the first thing that you need to do is to remove the wheel. To do so you need to release the brakes. The easiest way to do this is to put the bike upside down as this also makes the next stage easier.

Tip: In order not to damage the saddle and handlebars, we recommend placing a cloth underneath or changing the tube on a soft surface.

Step 2: dismantle the wheel

Most bikes have got quick-release wheels and so do our Eurobike bicycles. To remove a wheel, simply lift up the quick-release lever and turn it in anti-clockwise direction until you can remove it. Remove the wheel.

Is the damaged wheel the rear wheel? Then we first have to push the rear derailleur away to remove it. The best way to do this is to shift the gears back to the smallest sprocket, then the bike is easier to unhook.

Step 3: Remove the cover

We now need to get to the damaged inner tube. To do so you will need two tyre levers. Push the curved end of the first tyre lever under the bead of the tyre and lever it so that it goes under the tyre. Do this until you can do so by hand.

Step 4: Take the bike tube off the rim

Now remove the valve cap, let some air out if necessary, remove the nut and pull the inner tube out of the rim.

Step 5: Check the casing

Before putting in the new inner tube, check the tyre for the cause of the puncture. Feel for any thorns, sharp fragments or stones to avoid getting another puncture in just a few metres time.

Step 6: Insert the bike tube

Now you can put the new inner tube through the valve opening, carefully push the inner tube under the tyre and slowly start pumping it up checking that it is in place. Make sure it is not caught on anything. Through an almost kneading-like action you can make sure that the inner tube is sitting correctly inside the tyre.

Step 7: Put the tire on the rim

You now need your tyre levers again: with the curved side at the bottom, lever the tyre bead back into the rim. Do this around the whole tyre - towards the end you need more strength to do so. The last section can be done best by hand.

Attention: During assembly, please make absolutely sure the tube is not damaged by the tire lever!

Then everything is fixed in the turn of a wheel!

Once the tyre is back on properly, you can pump up the inner tube and reattach the tyre. To return the back wheel, the chain needs to be relaxed. Put the wheel in place and then attach it with the quick-release. Turn the bike back over, reattach the brakes and continue with your cycle ride. 

Et voilà! That was all the magic. And as you can see: it’s actually not witchcraft! The enjoyable trip can then continue.

Repairing an inner tube

It is never particularly pleasant repairing an inner tube whilst out cycling. Therefore we suggest having a spare inner tube that you can use. If you are feeling motivated after your cycle ride, then you can repair your damaged inner tube very quickly and then use it as another reserve inner tube.

You can also find out how to optimally care for your bike chain - so that your bike runs like clockwork!

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