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Starting the season in the stations

What happens at an information meeting?
Training group

The winter is coming to an end, the last snow is melting and the first flowers are slowly starting to appear. For us, the beginning of spring does not only mean that the temperatures are rising and the days are getting longer, but also that the new season is about to start and we are working hard to further improve our service and especially our on-site support.

Training group

To do this, we invited our colleagues from the Eurobike stations to Obertrum for Eurofun Training Days where workshop on creating the perfect start to the season was organised. In seminar rooms we prepared our seasonal staff from every region as well as possible for all the tasks of the season.

One of these jobs is how to conduct information meetings on site, so that you as a guest can have a worry-free start to your well-deserved cycle tour. In this blog post, you will find out exactly what to expect during the information meeting and how we ensure your perfectly organised break.

Eurofun Training Days – workshop in Obertrum

Eurofun Training Days have been developed to ensure every employee at Eurofun Touristik is well-trained so they can offer you the best support possible during your cycling holiday. Above all, guest care but also guest transfers and transport of luggage and bikes are important points covered in the workshops. The conduct of a perfect information meeting was practised, and the handling and maintenance of the bikes were worked on separately in order to be able to offer you the best possible support in the event of an emergency. In addition, our employees were trained for possible emergencies.

Manuele at the training

Getting to know each other

The two-day workshop ended in a dinner together. The station employees, the travel specialists, employees in product management and the organisational team got to know each other in a cosy atmosphere. That lays the foundations for a harmonious and successful cooperation in the coming season.

Group at dinner at the Braugasthof

How does an information meeting work?

At the beginning of the tour all participants meet in the first hotel. Before the meeting you receive the travel documents, if they haven’t already been waiting for you at hotel reception.

After a warm welcome we get down to business: the travel documents are opened and you will receive a detailed description of all parts of the folder.

In general, there is a hotel list and if relevant, vouchers for trips or attractions and train tickets. In addition, you will also find a business card of your personal contact at Eurobike in the folder, as well as the number of our hotline, where our travel specialists on duty can be reached daily from 8am - 8pm. Together with the guest service representative, you will check the contents of the package to make sure that all the necessary documents are present.


Route details

The heart of the travel documents is the detailed route book. During the meeting you will find out how to best use the book and where to find all the information. Then we go over the itinerary and point out any special features of the route so that everything goes according to plan during the trip.

If you prefer the digital version of the route book, our app is perfect for you. Your booking number gives you access to your travel data in the app. Of course, it has voice navigation and all the information that is also contained in the printed documents. You can find more information about the app and how it works on our Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour-App page.

The first days of travel

To ensure that everything runs without problems, you will receive detailed information about the organisation of your first day of cycling. The procedure of the luggage transfer is discussed and the time for drop off. How to use the luggage tags included in the travel documents folder is discussed. Furthermore, you will be told when you can expect your luggage at the latest at the next hotel. If a booked hotel does not offer dinner, we will give you recommendations and enclose appropriate vouchers with the travel documents. You will also receive details of any return transfer booked at the end of the tour in the course of the information talk.

Italy Group Training

Your rental bike

Have you booked a rental bike? Then this will be handed over to you on site and perfectly altered to suit your body size. In addition, we will give you a short training on what to do in case of a breakdown, what you can do yourself and what services we offer you. If you have rented an e-bike, we explain how it works. In addition to the bike itself, you will always receive an accessory set with repair kit, air pump, safety lock and charger (only for e-bikes). Saddle packs and handlebar bags are included in the rental.

Arrival of the group at Joglbauer
Now that you are perfectly prepared for your active break, we hope to welcome you soon on one of our Eurobike bike tours.


You now receive special conditions when you book a trip.